A transparent Lamborghini Countach Would Be A Sight To Behold

  A Transparent Lamborghini Countach Would Be A Sight To Behold  

Transparent Lamborghini Countach

Before you scratch your head and check your notecase, what you see, or rather do not see here, may be a abstract digital design from JonSibal, World Health Organization created AN fanciful clear Lamborghini Countach.

Technically, you'll (probably) build a vaporous automobile employing a semitransparent material like acrylic. Actually, return to consider it, TRW Automotive displayed a drivable clear thought automobile at the 2013 city Motor Show, however that was a unique plan to advertise the company's driver assist systems.

Whether you'd really wish to drive such a automobile in world, may be a completely different story. Besides the technical facet, are you able to imagine giving the globe AN undiluted read of yourself in traffic? however we tend to ought to admit, it's pretty neat.

Admittedly, Jonsibal's attention to detail is uncanny, with most rubber and plastic components remaining visible to a lower place its vaporous body panels, together with the V12 power mill that came in 3 forms between 1974 and 1990, once the Countach was made.