2018 New all-electric Audi Q6 e-tron Review

2018 New all-electric Audi Q6 e-tron Review 

2018 New all-electric Audi Q6 e-tron Review

2018 New all-electric Audi Q6 e-tron

Pure-electric SUV not off course for 2018 unharness, with 310-mile vary - however its name might modification

Audi boss Rupert Stadler has confirmed that his firm's e-tron electrical SUV construct can create its debut as a production prepared automotive in early 2018, with a fully-electric powertrain and 310-mile vary - however hinted that it's unlikely to hold the much-predicted Q6 badge.

The new model can look nearly a dead ringer for the automotive previewed at the city Motor Show - and it'll use e-tron, the Audi designation for a pure-electric automotive. the electrical SUV are going to be the primary of 3 pure-EV Audis due by 2020.

• Geneva Motor Show 2017: news
Audi Q6 e-tron Review

“There is 1st [of the 3 models] isl associate degree SUV,” aforementioned Stadler. “We set to travel the SUV approach as a result of, although the design could be a very little harder as a result of you don’t have the right aeromechanics, folks like to sit in associate degree SUV and that we got to respect the growing trend of SUV segments. i feel this was 2 or 3 years agone completely the proper call.”

However, Stadler conjointly advised that the market positioning of the new model could mean that it changes its name from Q6 - despite the very fact that it had been expected to fit in between the Q5 and therefore the Q7 in Audi's line-up.

“E-tron could be a terribly sturdy whole and you'll decide that in 5 years time,” aforementioned Stadler. “In that respect we tend to square measure the foremost consistent whole ever. we tend to 1st communicated e-tron regarding four or 5 years agone and that we stuck to the construct of e-tron.

“However, i'd not wish to limit the word for the primary automotive, as a result of Q6 fixes worth|the worth|the value} still as Q8 is fixing a price, and that i would really like to be at liberty.”

That's a touch that the value of the battery school needed to deliver the 300-plus miles of vary goes to push the value of the automotive nearer to - or maybe on the far side - that of the Q7. Audi might get around this enigma by giving the primary e-tron a reputation that sits outside of its traditional structure, albeit with the 'e-tron' suffix

Audi Q6 e-tron

While the name hasn’t been confirmed, the sleek profile and chiselled styling of the construct automotive show the electrical SUV’s positioning as a rival for the Tesla Model X, still as conventionally-fuelled rivals like the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE motorcar. Audi claims that the showy look and sealed belly provide a class-leading coefficient of zero.25cd.
Audi bosses claim the assembly version are going to be “sexy”, “packed with utility” and “sporty.” They conjointly confirmed its debut can coincide with massive developments within the charging infrastructure.