2017 Volkswagen Golf GTE Advance Review

 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTE Advance Review

 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTE Advance Review
Volkswagen Golf GTE Advance

The facelifted VW Golf GTE plug-in hybrid performance hatchback – that, compared with different Golf derivatives, hasn’t truly modified AN awful ton as a part of Wolfsburg’s recent mid-life revision to the Golf family. whereas the Golf GTI gets successful a lot of power and therefore the e-Golf a dose a lot of power and a lot of stove, somehow the automotive that represents the perfect combination of each gets neither.

The GTE has received a hefty cut, however. wherever the previous range-topping automotive pushed £36,000 before the Government’s recent £5000 low-emissions plug-in hybrid (PHEV) grant was factored in, the new top-of-the-range GTE Advance is priced from simply north of £32,000 – not together with the decreased £2500 grant currently on supply from Her Majesty’s coffers. VW’s estimate is that, accounting for additional commonplace instrumentality, the GTE is currently quite £3500 higher price than it had been before.

It’s conjointly currently cheaper than a similar Golf GTI DSG 5dr (after that new Government discount), that appears like a easier position for the GTE to adopt among the new driving range than wherever it wont to reside. You get a similar 201bhp of peak power, returning from a mix of one48bhp 1.4-litre TSI fuel engine and 101bhp motor, as you probably did before, and therefore the same eight.7kWh metallic element particle drive battery. Performance claims ar unchanged, as is VW’s 31-mile electric-only vary claim.

What's it like?

Buying a Golf GTE guarantees you a Golf with a number of the instrumentality that Volkswagen additional to the automotive this year in the maximum amount because the automotive comes with diode headlights and tail-lights, and a vigorous information show digital instrument screen, as commonplace. the previous embody a lot of obvious blue particularisation up front, that will provide the GTE a bit bit a lot of distinctive visual identity, whereas the latter has many instrumentation modes to go with the car’s varied drive modes (E-mode, Hybrid, Battery Charge and GTE) and ultimately makes the GTE a bit bit easier to drive.

Having aforementioned that, the Golf GTE remains one in all the better PHEVs to urge to grips with in any case. In E-mode it’s got lots of motor power – enough that you simply will simply nip around city and up to B-road speeds while not ever rousing the combustion engine while not intending to. Even in electrical mode, the Golf feels swift and responsive – and can usually cowl something from eighteen to twenty five miles on a full battery charge.

Deplete the automotive’s drive battery and choose GTE mode – that is that the car’s shorthand for ‘sporty’ if you hadn’t quite cottoned on – and there’s a recharging amount to attend out before the car has renovated enough charge to be prepared for max performance. It’s not an extended one, though; and once the powertrain has completed its scavenge mode, there’s a spirited and energetic quantity of acceleration to faucet into.

With electrical likewise as turbo fuel force to think about, VW’s six-speed DSG is hesitant choose once to kick in in D, thus faster road miles ar higher spent in manual mode, victimization the GTE’s wheel-mounted paddles to shift gears. however once you’ve established that abundant, there’s lots of mid-range force to deploy here and sensible response once you need it. The automotive may sound higher in GTE mode, the 1.4-litre motor lacking the growl of a correct performance engine – however it’s a comparatively minor criticism.

The GTE’s ride and handling isn’t quite on a GTI’s level for adhesion, handling balance and B-road calm – primarily as a result of the GTE’s a comparatively serious automotive. It makes that weight felt a lot of typically in its ride than its handling, blooming over broken hydrocarbon a bit and typically troubled to stay its body from deflecting vertically over larger lumps and bumps. Our check automotive had VW’s facultative DCC adaptational dampers fitted, that gave it a relaxed expressway ride in Hybrid mode however were less convincing in GTE mode. Lateral body management is usually sensible, however the car’s steering will lade a bit an excessive amount of once cornering laborious and its front wheels don’t cling on quite as laborious as they may during a very hardcore front-driver.

Should I get one?

It depends if you’re yearning for the outstanding reasonable performance machine of the long run, or simply a really stylish, moderately fast and probably efficient company automotive within which to pay a number of years.

As the former, there ar one or 2 issues with the GTE’s CV. as long as lots of performance choices supply twenty five per cent a lot of power, and significantly a lot of performance, for £5000 less outlay, it’s laborious to require the GTE seriously as one thing very meant to excite. There’s simply slightly an excessive amount of weight here, and not enough poke, grip, effectuality and poise, to be altogether convinced that now could be the time to impress your hot hatchback.

However, given the transcendent position the go-faster Golf has long maintained – departure its a lot of thuggish competitors behind and process itself the maximum amount as an aesthetic, aspirational selection for young professionals because it may be a pure performance automotive – it’s straightforward to ascertain wherever the Golf GTE’s following would return from. The automotive’s combination of a medium-hot driving expertise with a fascinating badge and a discount benefit-in-kind company car liabilities ought to keep consumers rolling up for the predictable. and therefore the indisputable fact that this remains one in all the best-executed reasonable PHEVs of any kind, that advantages from all of the Golf’s acknowledged strengths, makes its quality well-earned.

VW Golf GTE Advance

Location Feltham, Middlesex; On sale now; Price £32,145 Engine 4cyls in line, 1395cc, turbo petrol; plus electric motor Power 201bhp at 5000-6000rpm; Torque 258lb ft at 1600-3500rpm; Gearbox 6-spd twin-clutch automatic; Kerbweight 1615kg; 0-60mph 7.6sec; Top speed 138mph; Economy 156.9mpg; CO2/tax band 40g/km, 9%