2017 Honda CR-V Reviews Performance Interior and Exterior

2017 Honda CR-V Reviews Performance Interior and Exterior

2017 Honda CR-V Reviews
2017 Honda CR-V
The current Honda CR-V is that the fourth generation of the japanese firm's compact SUV. like its predecessors it’s shamelessly not a go-anywhere 4x4, however rather a sensible, sturdy family automotive.

Honda makes no claims to sportiness – the CR-V is offered with just one chassis set-up and it’s intermeshed towards ease-of-use and luxury.

Like most of its rivals the CR-V is obtainable in each front and four-wheeled drive formats, and with trim levels that vary from fairly basic to lavishly equipped.

In terms of overall size the CR-V may be a shut match for cars like the Ford Kuga and Toyota RAV4 – it’s each longer and taller than a Nissan Qashqai. Those fairly generous dimensions facilitate to create it one among the foremost sensible cars in its category.

Honda CR-V performance

There ar 3 engines to settle on from, beginning with the one.6 i-DTEC diesel with 118bhp. Performance is flat below 1500rpm and to a small degree of effort is needed to induce the simplest out of it at speed. There’s conjointly a twin-turbo version of the one.6 with 158bhp, that is way a lot of spirited, pull well from a pair of000rpm there is conjointly a 2.0-litre gasoline, that is willing, however not as plucky because the diesels.

All engines go along with a six-speed manual casing as customary, whereas a nine-speed automobilematic is on the market on the a lot of powerful diesel and a five-speed auto is value-added to the two.0-litre gasoline. The petrol’s automobile 'box feels slow and dated compared with the most recent offerings from rival makers, however the nine-speeder is spectacular.

The more powerful diesel and petrol can be specced with two- or four-wheel drive, but the base diesel comes with just two-wheel drive.

Honda CR-V ride comfort

The CR-V is more comfort-oriented than some of its rivals, with comparatively soft suspension. It delivers up to a point, and the CR-V’s ride is generally forgiving over small bumps and potholes.

Unfortunately the car shimmies around on patched-up surfaces at all speeds, and over larger bumps and around bends the rather slack body control means that the CR-V can feel rather wallowy.

Higher-spec models have larger alloy wheels that add a marginally firmer edge to the ride than S and SE versions.

Honda CR-V handling

The CR-V handles well enough and provides plenty of grip, whether you’re driving a front- or four-wheel-drive model. All models feel secure and stable through corners, but the soft suspension means there’s more body lean than you get with many rivals, which can be unnerving if you enter a bend too quickly.

The steering is light, which makes the CR-V very easy to park, but it’s rather short of feel at speed.

Honda CR-V refinement

The CR-V is generally civilised. Occupants are well isolated from tyre and suspension noise, and although wind noise can build up around the chunky door mirrors, it’s never loud enough to get on your nerves. The CR-V isn’t as refined as a Volvo XC60 or BMW X3, however. The diesel engines stay reasonably hushed, only getting raucous if you rev them hard, although there’s a light buzz at the pedals even at more moderate engine speeds. However, the petrol engine is boomy when worked hard.

The front-wheel-drive versions have a sweeter manual mechanical device than the four-wheel-drive cars, whereas the five-speed automatic provides rather ungainly shifts. The nine-speed automobile could be a gem, though.

Honda CR-V Reviews Interior layout


Honda CR-V driving position

The CR-V’s driving position isn’t as commanding as that of some rivals’, however you get the raised height that SUV consumers crave. The front seats ar verificatory and cozy, and therefore the wheel and pedals ar well placed.

A good vary of seat and wheel adjustment implies that most drivers are going to be able to notice their ideal set-up and driver’s seat body part adjustment is customary for all models.

The dashboard is a smaller amount easy, with lots of buttons to barter and numerous info displays that might be clearer.

Honda CR-V visibility

The raised driving position and huge glass space mean that the read forward from the CR-V’s driver’s seat is superb. Over-the-shoulder visibility is severely hampered by the thick rear pillars, however.

A handy feature on well-nigh the entry-level version could be a ‘conversation mirror’ mounted within the rooflining that enables those within the front seats to stay a watch on those behind them while not turning spherical. Trims from SE level and on top of go along with front and rear parking sensors, a rear-view camera, automatic headlights Associate in Nursingd wipers and an auto-dimming rear-view mirror. SR models and on top of have chemical element headlights with a high-beam network.

Honda CR-V moving picture

The CR-V is on the market with all the options you’d expect, however its moving picture system isn’t as refined as that of the many rivals.

The variety of buttons and displays on the dashboard and wheel is confusing, and a few of the readouts may well be clearer. Accessing a number of the knowledge menus is a windy method, too.

The biggest offender is that the sat-nav system that’s accessible as Associate in Nursing possibility for a few models and customary on others: the graphics look dated and it’s faraway from intuitive to use. Honda very must raise its game during this space.

Honda CR-V build quality


The CR-V’s cabin feels well engineered and Honda incorporates a name for interiors that ar durable and sturdy. The controls have a comforting weight and solidity to them, too.

The design is bland, however the CR-V’s cabin is straightforward on the attention and therefore the materials used for the seats and trim look elegant. It doesn’t quite have the premium refulgence of a BMW X3 or Volvo XC60, however.

Honda CR-V instrumentation

Most CR-V models go along with a decent customary of apparatus, however the entry-level S model has some rather odd omissions. Climate management, control, electrically hopped-up driver’s seat body part adjustment and every one the protection and recreation options you’d expect ar enclosed, however you would like to upgrade to SE to achieve fascinating convenience options like Bluetooth, parking sensors, automatic lights and wipers and animal skin wheel trim.

SR trim conjointly provides you heated, part-leather seats, chemical element ‘active cornering’ headlights, sat-nav and a height-adjustable front rider seat, whereas dear EX trim adds full-leather seats, a wide  glass roof and a hopped-up tailgate.

Honda CR-V safety & security

All CR-Vs go along with front, facet and curtain airbags, and a stability system that not solely counteracts mid-corner slides, however conjointly snaking if you are towing a caravan or conveyance. Automatic four-wheel-drive models even have a hill descent system.

There ar pricy optional  safety systems that keep you a secure distance from the automobile before, steer you back on target if you begin to wander out of your lane on the thruway Associate in Nursingd brake if an close crash is perceived.

The CR-V was awarded the most 5 stars in monetary unit NCAP crash tests. All versions get Associate in Nursing immobiliser Associate in Nursingd an alarm to assist avoid thieves, though solely SE models and on top of get a CAT one alarm.