New Review Toyota Prius Hybrid Car Prime First Drive 2017

Toyota Prius Hybrid Car Prime First Drive 2017 : What a difference four years ago. Toyota gave in to pressure from the client to launch a plug-in Prius in 2012, apparently without enthusiasm. In fact, it was half the liver effort that promises little electric only range, but was forced to start your engines gas at every opportunity. As you would expect, our owner satisfaction survey, Prius Plug-in hybrid Prius rank below normal. Obviously the company could do better.
Toyota Prius Hybrid Car Prime First Drive 2017

It is no secret that Toyota believes hybrid and stay away from a real plug-in all-electric and, so far, even hybrid vehicles. It seems that car buyers were loud and clear Ev-inclinacion, as evidenced by the new 2017 Toyota Prius Premium. With the fourth-generation Prius, the plug-in takes the name of a dedicated, some differences in the style details and most importantly, the ability to go all the electricity, no ifs, ands or buts.

We had first hand experience with the Prius Prime rents out one Toyota; The car goes on sale in the fall. Thanks to the lithium-ion batteries 8.8 kWh, the car has a wide range of 22 miles. Unlike its predecessor, it stays in electric mode even at full acceleration or hill climbing. After passing through the electric mile, Prime back to regular hybrid operation. There is also a mode, running the engine to supply the battery with a hand juice to reclaim some of miles of electricity for future use. But there are no free rides, which cuts in fuel economy reload. How? So, figure out when to buy prime our own in the fall and try it out thoroughly.

Toyota Prius 
The expected price for the Prime Toyota Prius to begin where the Prius full out, during the mid- $ 30, 000. Three levels of equipment available, with the top edge which is distinguished by a large touch screen and synthetic leather seats with power driver's seat.

In our hands, we actually observe the various 28-mile pure electric without trying. Toyota says you'll need 2.5 hours to recharge the 240-volt, claims that we will see shortly. Suffice it to say that the car can be charged overnight standard 120 Volt, even if that takes six hours.

Unlike the regular Prius, the Prime 2017 Toyota Prius is only a four-seater. Toyota says that the large battery occupy the space. And because the curved rear window, no rear windscreen wiper.

Do not be fooled by mere stat 121-HP; The first take-off with the authorities. With a full battery, the car is committed to offering the experience of electric cars, with virtually silent operation and a fast response. In the hybrid operation, it serves as a regular Prius, which we have a 52 mpg in general when we tested it. Ultimately, the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime promising various combinations of more than 600 miles.

Toyota Prius 

Long press the Mode button changes the battery charging mode, in which the motor runs continuously and thus zumba monotonically. It did not take long before winning five or six-mile electric range, which can be used in an urban setting or elsewhere.

In other respects, the prime lead very similar to the regular Prius with a comfortable ride and constantly, and management of responsive and secure, but no gym.

The top row of adjustment getting a large touch screen similar to Tesla that serves as the entrance to the audio system, travel, phone information, and navigation. The phrase "you can not see the forest for the trees" is more appropriate here. You will get some apps Toyota and other child elements until you find a way to get an old and simple FM radio. Yes, it's annoying. Seat heater controls looked as if they were added as aftethought - low switch and went on board, almost by his ankles.

Active sophisticated security systems are standard, including emergency braking, active cruise control, and automatic high beams.

For those who think that the regular Prius too many commodities and relies too much on gas still is not ready to fully embrace a dedicated EV, 2017 Toyota Prius Prime providing a bridge. Like the Chevrolet Volt, Prius Premium can go electric for short distances and relies on a hybrid electric trains for long trips, carefree range.

Back with us for more information about Prime Toyota Prius once we bought our own and test it fully.

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