Big Chief New Car - Big Chief's All New "CrowMod"


3.99-second pass at 190 mph on drag radials


Big Chief trying to make a few things very gnarly between the wall and who would be inclined to say that it is already a good start. Setting a new record for the car door for Pontiacs

In this case, mount all the No Mercy 7 with a head like a rocket down the Strip and ending set new records for the car door Pontiacs with two 3.99 pass at 190 mph.

It was a total joy to see this bad machine, since the rocket on the track with a vengeance and hit through the trap to a new record. 
Check out the video below which shows the car doing magic at the eighth mile and let us know where you think this speed train will stop.

Big Chief from Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws unveils his newest creation- Crowmod


There are Opportunities in Every Misfortune

Standing in front of wide and spun Crowmod, I'm not sure where to begin the interview; There is so much to take. I started by accident. "Yes, starring sucked", Justin Shearer, referring to the incident last November respond during the filming of an episode Street criminals. Brian Davis Mustang crossed the center and hit the room panel of The Crow, 1972 Justin famed LeMans. As the police when the perpetrator is removed by the PIT maneuver, he sent The Crow carenando into the ditch at more than 100 mph. The car was a total loss, and Justin barely survived the accident, the maintenance of the two vertebral compression fractures, broken collarbone, perforated lung and a dislocated shoulder. The pain continues to this day, and Justin was not sure it would disappear entirely.

However, it could have been killed easily. "The crow saved my life," he said, proof of employment racecar Don Dial doing to build the cage. Even from his hospital bed, chieftain promised to restore the road is prohibited. "My partner, Allecia, bring my computer to the hospital, because he knows that I want to read data from it [Raven] steps. Then give the registry a hospital Wi-Fi." He knew that he wanted to start looking for a new car as soon as possible. "

What Mod Pro? That is what everyone wants to know. The answer is no because he specifically wanted to Pro Mod, is because I wanted a car that would be as light as possible and very aerodynamic. Pro Mod just happened to fill these criteria. "It is an evolution," says Justin. People began bringing cars like this to compete with us on the show. I need to develop, and plan for something like this was in the works before the accident. "Shock accelerated timeline." When I was looking for a car, the only condition that my partner gave me was that it should be light. He saw how much work had to lose weight or move heavy Car, do what you can think of to make lighter cars compete Cuervo who want to line up next to me "." "He added:" evolution. If you are not growing, you're dying.

In addition to meeting stringent target weight and aerodynamics, Justin gives equal importance to safety. "The new car is lighter, faster and more secure," he said. The chassis is built by Terry Murphy and Blake Housely, Terry Murphy Race car from Kansas City, Missouri, and some commitment, made from cromoly maze of tubes, the widespread use of titanium and carbon fiber parts. The body is all carbon fiber, too, and Justin hope Crowmod will weigh 2,300 kilograms ready at the starting line, a total of 1,000 kilograms less than a crow.

Even with the weight, Crowmod will continue to fight against cars with larger engines. The new car engine is still the same 482 cubic inch Pontiac racing Butler pushed The Crow. It was a small iron engine block (relative to the competition) was built with spare parts: crank Crower, GRP rods, Ross pistons and cylinder heads Edelbrock Performer RPM. Compression ratio is still 12.3: 1, and runs on methanol M5 VP. "That's 482 cubic inches of bad ass not!" Justin, while fully aware that it is the power compared to some people who want to align against it, even at more than 40 kilograms of the momentum generated by a 88 mm precision twin turbochargers. "That was always in my life. One day, I could go to the motor mad, but I'm not finished yet. There is something satisfying to do more with less".

The remainder of the transmission line is composed of the same built TH400 Rossler and ProTorque EV1 torque converter in The Crow, and rearend is a sign Williams Modular 9 inches. Transmission transmission and rearend is confidential. FuelTech supplied EFI system, Quillen Motorsports help with wiring, Jeff Lutz inlet exhaust pipe constructed with steel works and race parts inventory solutions and solutions Scott Hunter, Brown & Miller Racing built all liquids with PTFE hose pipe. Sheep brake components, front and rear, behind the wheel weld. Chris Bell in engineering Kinetic revalvo shocks and rear suspension mounted on four arms.

By the time we shoot, new Crowmod still have to walk under his own power, because Justin and his crew in the Midwest Street Car vigorously put an end in the auto parts so that you are ready to run on Radial vs. World Race 7 ducks radial exit lights X Productions in Tifton on February 18, less than one month from now. We will be there to cover the action, of course. Filming for the upcoming road Outlaws season will begin in March, so that fans and critics alike keyboard warriors did not have to wait long to see how the new cars stack up against the fastest runners from all over the country.

2015 PRI Show- Justin “Big Chief” Shearer unveiled his new car- The Crowmod. The same Butler Performance powered engine from his crashed Pontiac, "The Crow".
Justin had a horrific crash in his 1972 Pontiac LeMans drag car during a drag race. As you can see from the pictures, the original Crow was no more. To everyones surprise, the Butler Performance twin turbo 2500 hp engine survived the crash. The drivetrain was extracted and transplanted into his newest creation, a new lighter ride named "Crowmod". The Crowmod is a 1968 Pontiac Firebird featuring the latest and lightest body and chassis available. Here at Butler Performance we are glad to see this custom designed, insanely fast setup take life in his latest creation.