2017 Review and Specifications Toyota Corolla iM

2017 Review and Specifications Toyota Corolla iM

IM Toyota Corolla, full of value, it bothered us with heat protective eye but offer a warm driving experience.

 Toyota Corolla iM
 Toyota Corolla iM

Versus the competition: other hatchbacks better show individuality and fun to drive, although at a higher price.Not to be confused with the Toyota Corolla sedan - you probably know - 2017 Toyota Corolla iM is a four-door hatchback previously called Scion iM. Toyota Scion parent company disbanded in 2016, but was adopted iM at home Toyota. More than just a new logo: for 2017, iM adds important security features that were not available when the Scion.Instead, much has changed. The only option is a navigation system installed by the dealer and the automatic transmission to replace the standard manual. Those who want seats with heating, satellite radio or the roof of the lucky ones - nothing was offered, which makes low price.I've tried iM with automatic transmission at a price of $ 20.375, including destination charge of $ 885.

Exterior & Styling

Exterior & Styling Toyota Corolla iM

IM is attractive sedan. Slim profile and sharp create athletic appearance. There is a minimum clearance between the wheels and fenders and standard 17-inch wheel set roller draw with light gray and dark pneumatic low profile. Toyota does an admirable job of pumping overseas version quiet (called Toyota Auris) with a more aggressive style to the UShow to driveUnfortunately, athletics im just superficial. IM Toyota Corolla is the equivalent of smoking while sports car tight. IM is quite sporty, but trying to get the lead and iM coughs and wheezes to accelerate. Strong 137-horsepower, 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine is not as smooth as the most expensive offerings in the Chevrolet Cruze, Honda Civic or Mazda3 hatchbacks. Compare iM here.IM is not weak, but one such machine hoarse voice response variable variable automatic transmission. CVT quick to accelerate, but hum under the hood of the saw excessively every setting CVT in exceptional and loud moan. In the handling department, leading the casual traveler iM as hot hatchback - a regular classroom that promote driving fun, Cruze, Civic and Mazda3.


Interior Toyota Corolla iM

IM padded front seats and formed to fit the slim body my 6 feet tall, and feel comfortable during a five-hour drive on most streets. Sitting in the back seat, however, slightly less luxurious. Tight to the class; Such as the Cruze and Civic hatchbacks offer a wider rear seats.

The quality of materials is a high point in the im; Their quality is slightly higher than the Corolla sedan. Climate control including the black keys on a piano and a toggle switch which is surrounded by a layer of dark contrast and adjust minimalist silver accents. My test car charger automatic transmission has gear selector stitched and padded center console to let the foot rest gently against him during the long Highway drive. What stands out as exceptional is leather covered steering wheel and the details in the instrument panel is more exciting than the top 2017 Toyota Corolla XLE I just tested.

IM standard features will not fly, but what is offered is very impressive considering the car at a price at the lower end of its kind. Dual automatic temperature control, keyless entry, cruise control and a leather-trimmed steering wheel are all standard, as well as forward collision warning system standard (discussed in detail below).

What is lacking are options such as heated seats, moonroof, remote boot and leather upholstery. This, of course, add the cost to a competitor, but it is not optional in iM. I've tried iM Corolla in the middle of winter Chicago, when the heated seat that must - have. Soon after, I drove the Cruze hatchback with optional heated seats, heated steering wheel and remote start. Is much better Cruze cars driving in the cold, but so is almost 30 percent more expensive at $ 26.475.

Ergonomics & Electronics

Toyota Corolla iM

7-inch touchscreen standards including Bluetooth phone and music streaming, and a USB port. There was no satellite radio and heavy CarPlay functions such as Apple and Android Auto, reflecting the Smartphone functions as a music streaming application for car multimedia and navigation screen. Chevrolet Cruze and Honda Civic have more feature-packed multimedia system: Cruze hatchback has a standard CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as subscribe to 4G LTE-based wireless in-car Internet. Civic include CarPlay and Android Auto EX and above. Fortunately, the main screen iM has a dial for volume which makes it easier to use than the touch sensitive controls Civic.

Cargo & Storage

Toyota Corolla iM 

20.8 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats im lower than the 25.7 cubic feet hatchback Civic and Cruze hatchback 22.7 cubic feet, but only slightly more than 20.2 cubic feet Mazda3. The difference of 4 to 5 cubic feet is difficult to be considered in this hatchbacks, and easily fit in the trunk for three people iM for a trip from Chicago to Detroit, then in the Cruze for the trip back. 


safety Toyota Corolla iM 
In Insurance Institute for road safety, iM Toyota Corolla 2017 tests receive the highest rating in the side impact and moderate overlap frontal crash tests. No it has undergone more tests Institute, however, is among the most difficult of overlapping small living accident.

The most impressive feature is the standard system im your indication front collision with an automatic emergency braking. TSS-C package including a camera and a laser to monitor the speed of vehicles in the future and will inform the driver when a collision is imminent and brake automatically if the driver does not intervene. This package also includes the safety features of a lane departure notification and automatic driving assistance beam. A backup camera is also standard.