2017 Mercedes Benz CLA 250 - Exterior and Interior

2017 Mercedes Benz CLA 250 - Exterior and Interior

2017 CLA250 affordable for Mercedes-Benz, but a number of troublesome due diligence Benz logo.Compared to the competition: all the entry-level luxury cars filled with compromises, and CLA250, although some much needed improvements in 2017, did little to change that.

Mercedes Benz CLA 250

Front-wheel drive is standard on CLA250, and 4Matic four-wheel drive Mercedes optional. We cover version of this car, CLA45 AMG, the high performance separately on Cars; Compare two cars here. Mercedes CLA250 updated for 2017 with styling updates, upgrades multimedia system and the most important features. Pushing the car to CLA250 2016 here. We have tested CLA250 all-wheel-drive.Outdoor and lifestyleMercedes sells CLA250 as a four-door coupe, but do not be fooled. It is a sedan, but the swoopy. This style still take the wrinkles on CLS-class larger, sedan Mercedes coupé-like any other, but still I find a result that also shaped gumdrop. You decide for yourself.Seventeen-inch alloy wheels standard; 18 optional. Mercedes restyled bumper CLA250 to 2017, and you can change them even more with cosmetic package sportier. Equipped thus, the bumper has a constantly new frame that emulates the style of Mercedes AMG models. It's much better than last year CLA250, a sports package that adorned the car's nose with a humorous portal open.

How It Drives

Although the power of turbocharged four-cylinder engine 208 horsepower and 258 torque measuring gas tube, excessive lag Sullies CLA250 drivetrain. Toes in the gas can lead to beneficial punch from a low range, where small Benz up forward even at 2,000 rpm. The problem, however, is to achieve.CLA250 delay in throttle response to start with, and add titles engine turbo lag from the old school that most others discarded. In their normal driving mode, dual-clutch, seven-speed automatic transmission, withstands a retreat with all kink toddler in the separator vegetables, and occasionally collapsed half change. Sportier driving mode to reduce this by holding a low speed, but does not address the accelerator or turbo lag. CLA250 fast, but calling this power is an exercise in patience.The cabin quality step in the war was not fancy, but inconsistencies abound. Ingredients rich in certain places only let fall a cliff somewhere else, since the economy cars of plastic extensions to the rod and climate racket ventilation door lock cheap feeling.To increase the CLA is also an exercise in tolerance. Low wind noise, but road noise at high speeds low and constant. And even with the optional adaptive suspension on our test car set to their comfort-oriented mode, CLA250 found a lump with chulete level that is inappropriate for a luxury car at any price. Warning: Our test car had 18-inch wheels with low profile tires; More high-profile 17-inch wheels standard tires can improve the quality of driving.In any case, handling performance is mixed. Understeer so controlled to expect any chassis with front-wheel drive, and the overthrow of the body in general is limited. But the feedback from the vague direction in the proximity of the start, with a global relationship that is too slow to change direction quickly. However, our test car shortage Plus optional sport package Mercedes, which adds a performance suspension, address reset and new logic for sports transmission mode, changes that affect movement, handling and acceleration.


The CLA's cabin is narrow, with a prominent center console that limits the knee. Headroom tight with the optional panoramic roof, front expense of 1.2 inches high; Top buyers need not apply. The front seats have a long distance can be adjusted, at least, but it is debatable if you have an adult in the rear. With the lower seating position and a simple space for the feet of the best of cases, the rear seats will force them to go ahead.

interior Mercedes Benz CLA 250

Visibility is another strike. The windshield bass PKB, squat pillars and a small hatchback (significantly hampered by the rear headrests) is limited in all directions.

The cabin quality step in the war was not fancy, but inconsistencies abound. Ingredients rich in certain places only let fall a cliff somewhere else, since the economy cars of plastic extensions to the rod and climate racket ventilation door lock cheap feeling. CLA is a competitor characteristics: input like a luxury sedan Audi A3 and Acura ILX also sacrifice quality to meet the level of prices. But like CLA250 money can buy entry-level sedan further up the ladder of luxury - think BMW 320i, Acura TLX, or Volvo S60 - which the interior stands head and shoulders above the PKB and the like. 

Ergonomics & Electronics

electronic Mercedes Benz CLA 250 

8-inch multimedia display standard for 2017 (optional was before), with a button on the center console to control the action. Some editors do not like the menu structure Mercedes, called Comand, but the meeting of the three-tier design intuitive. Controller runs as a tuning knob and separate volume buttons occupy a prominent place among the control center. Best of all, CLA250 still has a lot of physical buttons, including stereo presets. In the middle of the flight of many car manufacturers capacitive touch-sensitive controls, or even just a lack of physical buttons, Mercedes remains. Still, Stuttgart.

Bluetooth phone and audio streaming, HD radio and a USB port are standard. Options include a navigation system, CarPlay Apple, Android Auto, premium Harman Kardon audio subscription drive 4G LTE Wi-Fi-based.


Cargo & Storage


 CLA250 trunk measured about 13.1 cubic feet of sense; 60/40 folding rear seat with center pass by standard separation. Trunk lid with an optional foot activation.



CLA250 2017 has not been tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Mercedes driver's attention aided detection system is standard, as well as wiper rain sensor and automatic emergency braking with a collision warning. This camera is the new standard (finally) for 2017, too. Full speed adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning are optional.


Value in Its Class

CLA250 front-wheel drive starts more than $ 33,000 including destination charge. It is quite fitted in it, with 8-inch multimedia screen, automatic emergency braking and electric front seats with standard memory configurations. At the other end, CLA250 all-wheel-drive tops out around $ 53,000 if you are loaded to the hilt with the performance, luxury and renewal.Which is an extension, and alternative options depending on where the budget range land. But the entry-level luxury sedan is a niche group in general and leading brands such as BMW, Cadillac, Lexus and Volvo classroom avoided entirely, opting instead for a stripped version of their larger sport sedan to compete for the $ 350 - one month's rent payment. Business alternatives such as season Acura ILX and Buick, meanwhile, you can save thousands on the other end.Such is the position of the CLA-Class, Mercedes entry-level with significant improvements for 2017, but still too troublesome to justify the expense of everything else that the $ 35,000 they can buy. The seal of styles and brands will win some fans, as well as the AMG performance CLA45 raucous. But for many buyers, there are better options.