Fantastic, Student From Germany Designed the VW GT Electric Sports Car Ge

Fantastic, German students design VW GT Electric Sports Car Ge: Let me introduce! It is a concept VW GT Ge, an electric sports car, but you do not like how it looks. This was not done by Volkswagen, but by Eljesah Shala, a student has recently completed her thesis to S2. The study was taken instead sponsored by VW and it makes the design of future Volkswagens.

Fantastic, This German Student Designing VW GT Electric Sports Car Ge
Fantastic, This German Student Designing VW GT Electric Sports Car Ge
"My undergraduate thesis S2 sponsored by the Volkswagen Design Center in Wolfsburg," said Eli Sapa family of students, as quoted from Carscoops (4/2).

Eli who recently graduated from the University of Arts in Brunschweig, Germany Ge GT create a design with a model that is very interesting. Design inspired by a series of digital models of the VW GTI vision of Gran Turismo sports GTE 2014 and 2015.

Front Grill design that is quite large and is decorated with LED lights form the letter 'C'. While on the back of this car model, it comes with a pretty exotic.

Shala said that VW GT Ge made with the same wheelbase than the Golf, which is 2,637 mm. However, this car is designed to be roomier.

Students hoping to realize the design of VW cars were made. The aim is to divert the attention of people who do not believe in artificial diesel vehicle emissions VW scandal a few months ago. Electric cars may be the solution to increase the company's sales.

This is a brief overview of the fantastic, the design student Germany VW GT Electric Sports Car Ge, it could be an inspiration to you and other readers.

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