Still not Released, Boxer world (Floyd Mayweather) is already booked Bugatti Chiron

Still not Released, Boxer World (Floyd Mayweather) Already Booked Bugatti Chiron

Still not Released, Boxer World (Floyd Mayweather) Already Booked Bugatti Chiron: Maybe you already know that the new car with the name Bugatti Chiron will diorbitkan at the Geneva Motor Show next March 2016.
Still not released, the world boxer (Floyd Mayweather) as reserved Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron: You probably already know that a new car called the Bugatti Chiron diorbitkan at the Geneva Auto Show next March 2016.
Boxer World (Floyd Mayweather) Already Booked Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron

Fans of this car is a lot, do not miss Floyd Mayweather, professional boxer world.
According to the alert Carscoops (4/2), Mayweather has been ordered in Hypercar France.
True, Mayweather has spent money amounting to USD 3.5 million or equivalent to Rp 47.7 trillion to order a replacement vehicle Veyron. Even sell one of four cars Bugatti car is yours for the new model.

It is unlikely that there is a great interest in Chiron. Since this car is expected to be the world's fastest hypercar. The previous record was held by the Veyron and Chiron to be born by moving the popularity Veyron.

For your information, Chiron will have a capacity of 8.0 liter engine W16 quad-turbocharged. It is more deadly because coche-coche currently only uses a twin-turbocharged engine. In addition, the electric powertrain will increase from 1200HP to 1500HP. The highest speed must be more than 463 km / h. While skill paths from 0 - 100km / h is achieved in 1 second.

This is a brief overview of unpacked, Boxer world (Floyd Mayweather) already belonged to Bugatti Chiron, it may be useful to you and other readers.
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