US President Donald trump's car The Super Sophisticated

US President donald trump's car The Super Sophisticated

US President donald trump's car The Super Sophisticated
US President donald trump's car The Super Sophisticated
Car peak US President donald trump The Super sophisticated:
President of the United States, donald trump The Super sophisticated car: for the second time, donald trump sworn in as President of the United States. Again, all things that belong itself becomes attractive and warm. One of the highlights to be discussed of course your personal vehicle. Donald Trump, which can be considered as one of the most important figures in the world would have to have a support vehicle which ensures the safety, comfort and, of course, technologically advanced car as a superhero. Although the exact features donald Car win a state secret, but a number are entered into the Public and the freedom to make enough admiration
US President donald trump's car The Super Sophisticated
US President donald trump's car 
According NEW CAR REVIEW pages, Vehicle as number one in the world, Obama Limo car safety standards should be number one. Limousine, nicknamed 'The Beast' was produced by General Motors with resistant body is made of bullet-proof titanium, ceramics, steel and aluminum. The entire body is made of bulletproof and will no doubt have a few weapons for security. The car door becomes very thick, it is about 20 cm and there is an automatic key block dangers car in seconds. The most singular, is also equipped with oxygen at any time if there is a biochemical attack, the car is also equipped with adequate stocks of blood to supply blood directly to Donald win over undesirable, such as an injury or other things crash.

Although at first glance the type of black Cadillac that seems unusual, but all of the latest technology has been incorporated there. The shape and relatively large size and fuel consumed quickly, recorded 8 mpg. Beast is equipped with night vision cameras, tear gas cannons, sophisticated fire-extinguishing systems, Kevlar tire and steel wheel so that he can continue to operate even with no tires. The passenger cabin is sealed so it can not come from outside noise. But the cabin is equipped with an external microphone and internal speaker so that the sound can be heard outside if necessary.
Limo mentioned that the car is also equipped with some bells and whistles, though this has not been officially confirmed, it is also the ability to fire smoke bombs to hide the car if there is an attack, and a video system for the driver to continue to be able to see the road even in very poor condition. Beast is a complete communication device that allows passengers to communicate with some special vehicles in a convoy of 45 vehicles are on the car. Total command and control is possible through the relay to the White House from Roadrunner vehicle communication agency will send video encryption through duplex radio and military satellites.

Cars are always accompanied by Donald Trump, official trips and always they were transported aboard Air Force One President Donald Trump left on a visit to the countries of the world.

These are the specifications:
  • Price: 300 thousand pounds or approximately USD 4.2 billion
  • Width: 18 feet or 5.5 m
  • Height: 5 feet 10 inches or 1.8 m
  • Engine: 6.5 liter
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Fuel consumption: about 8 miles per gallon or 3.4 km per liter
  • Maximum speed: 60 mph or 97 km / h
  • Acceleration 0-60 mph: 15 seconds

Made from a five-inch steel plate that is designed to be resistant from the bomb placed at the bottom of the car

The combination of steel, aluminum, titanium, and ceramics that will hold of a copy of a wide variety of projectiles

Driver's presidency have been trained by the CIA to be able to drive a vehicle in various precarious state

Can stop a bullet penetrating shields (bullets designed to pierce tank), is the only glass that can be opened so that the driver can still pay tolls or communicate with secret service agents who were around the car

Armored doors eight inches thick and weighs as heavy as the cabin door of the Boeing 757 jet aircraft
The driver compartment. Equipped with the standard steering wheel, GPS tracking systems and communication systems integrated in the dashboard

Made of Kevlar material which is equipped with a steel belt, so that the tamper-proof and leak-proof. Although detonated, the tires will remain strong so that the car will still be able to escape from the attack

Accessories Defence
Equipped with night vision cameras, shotguns, and tear gas cannon. Cars also provides blood reserves the president, if at any time he needed an emergency blood transfusion

Rear compartment
Can carry four passengers and separated by a glass partition that only can be raised down by President donald trump. The window more bear than the previous presidential vehicle. Button Panic Button is also provided if at any time the President asked for help

Rear seat
donald trump chairs, has many features including a desktop that can be folded, laptop computers, WiFi channel, satellite phones, and direct connections to the vice president and the Pentagon

Gas tank
Coated steel and designed with foam to prevent it from bursting although beaten by the fire or the like

Oxygen supply and fire fighting systems.
This is a brief overview of this advanced Super car US president, donald trump, can be an inspiration for us together, and especially for the readers of this article.