Review and Specifications Honda BR-V Latest

Review and Specifications Honda BR-V Latest: It turns out that Honda have 'toy' in a new segment of four-wheeled vehicles that make the scene a success in the automotive market in the whole country. SIP! It is a figure of BR-V Honda managed to visitors to the sand Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2015 to terperanga. There is confusion, there are happy and some instantly hooked.

Review and Specifications Honda BR-V Latest

For nearly two months, Honda BRV has become one of the themes of car enthusiasts Indonesia. GIIAS sand and took place in 2015 in the city of ice BSD, public curiosity will realize BR-V Honda paid. PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) as the holder of Honda cars in Indonesia for a new track car logo GIIAS 2015. Although Honda BRV presented to the public, but according to BR-V Honda plans will be officially on sale in early 2016. HPM referred introductions GIIAS BR-V in 2015 as a world premiere, the introduction procession indirectly increase the 'Class' Honda BR V.

Honda is a Honda BR-V crossover SUV segment cars or low. Hmmm, segments rather than Honda's own Honda HR-V? Relax. Honda Indonesia ensure that the BR-V has been configured to serve different markets. On the other hand, many people assume that it is similar to Honda Mobilio BRV, which has become a new beauty low MPV segment. At first glance, it seems that the BR-V bit like Mobilio, only with a higher ground clearance and more bongsor body. Nonetheless, Honda BR-V itself is a platform that is truly new development is all the Honda Jazz. This can be seen by using i-VTEC 4-cylinder 1,500 cc in the heart of a spur of the kitchen. The use of basic machine made of genes with the Honda Jazz Honda BRV has cast typical soft jazz and able to throw the car as maximum strength SUV. If the Jazz adjust the machine, then inland Honda BR-V carries a similar concept for Honda HR-V, which has a spacious cottage with a luxurious interior. How well? Even more curious is the new Hero Honda, is not it? Immediately, yuk! This time Sena has a special dish in specifications and price segments under the BRV Honda.
Review and Specifications Honda BR-V Latest
Sporty Crossover with Compact Body and More Dashing
Display certain characteristics of BR-V Honda has a different aura, typical of the type of large SUVs. Not like the Honda CR-V or HR-V character and has the impression of an aggressive male, this time the body design of Honda BRV come up with a mixture of grace Honda Mobilio and sporty Honda Jazz. And the result? BR-V appears quiet, but has a hollow body that oozes the aura of perfect elegance style. In addition, Honda BR-V View more "thin" compared with other types of crossover cars. Design headlights BR-v carrying some models elongated shape with a line to the side of the projection lamp technologies. the dimensions of the lamp was not extensive, at first glance reminiscent of the display lights Honda HR-V. While in the front grille, Honda BRV lead frame plant models are equipped with bright chrome accents mark rights Honda emblem in the middle. For the front bumper, BR-V looks more elegant because of the high ground has been fixed in the distance, combined with the fog light enough each time indicates that your Honda BRV fascia has a very manly. Design side, typical aura Honda CR-V and HR-V began to see here. BR-V comes with a sleek body nemtuk, typical roundabout vehicle. Then, the car is also designed slimness of the body dynamic and sustained on the side. In addition, the BR-V Honda scenery also looks sportier due to the additional accessories black fender made of fiber under the circular from front to rear on the car bodywork. Turning to the rear, brake lights BR-V became prominent as a very futuristic design combined with a spoiler that helps sweeten the sporty aura. Finally, Honda BRV specifications in the design of the body is closed by using a model of retractable rearview mirror. In general, the design of the new Honda is actually "outside the box" and appears to be the pioneer of the Indonesian automotive mode.

modern interior
Carry out step, the SUV segment is called specification Honda BR-V in the dashboard have to adjust. Yes BR-V is a small car with SUV MPV style cabins. Namely, this car can cause a lot of passengers, as well as MPV. In the cockpit Honda BR V, Mas Sena may reach the conclusion that this car is still capable of carrying seven passengers. On the dashboard, the BR-V offers the inside was very nice, with friendly settings panel, besides, of course, comes with a full function. Dashboard Honda BRV predominantly black with space in the cockpit which makes it interesting is somewhat similar to the Honda Jazz. Appears in the front cabin Honda BRV's not showing the interior appearance as it comes with audio features double-DIN player with 6.1-inch touchscreen display that is sufficient to meet the needs of the entertainment in the cabin. Then, on the instrument panel also seem to be quite simple, but it is still a luxury. This is evident in the design of small wheels and a speedometer minimalist addresses, as well as the materials used with the Honda Brio. In the seat, the instrument panel of the Touch tech fall. Then, in the seat belt Honda BR-V is potensioner features. While on the rear of the cabin is quite spacious. Passenger car seat is also equipped with 50: 50 technologist folding third row, means that the seats can be folded down as an additional section on the trunk. For added convenience, the functions assigned Honda BRV double blower AC specifications to support the user's convenience.

Physical Dimensions
As a crossover vehicle that is hard in all areas, the specification of Honda BR-V in the physical dimension is the correct size. Namely, the dimensions of the car is not too big but not too small. To do this, a lot of the Honda BR V as a compact SUV, if they are called dimensions. Physically, the new car has a length of Honda warned 4,455 mm, width 1,735 mm, height of 1,650 mm and a wheelbase of 2,660 mm. Honda BRV this dimension is actually higher than the Honda Mobilio. Ground clearance is supported by more than 200 mm, the BR-V management will become more consistent, and of course the car is suitable for all road conditions. Provide comfort to the passengers, Honda BRV powered by the MacPherson front suspension and torsion beam in the form H in the back. Honda BR-V leg is supported by 16-inch wheels and tires in size 195/60 / R16. For features, specifications Honda BRV brake ABS braking EBD (electronic brake distribution) technology so that the speed of the vehicle can be controlled.

Seine more time to examine the existing machines in the specification of Honda BR-V. This time, Honda's i-VTEC engine, Honda motorcycle throttle technology that is widely used in products such as the Honda Jazz and Mobilio. i-VTEC engine technology in this BRV although Honda has the advantage of being a small cylinder, but it can produce energy equivalent to a large cylinder. In addition to i-VTEC minimize fuel consumption, as well as suitable for use as a vehicle every day. For Honda BR-V, Honda took me = displacement 1.5-liter VTEC engine consists of a 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve model line. i-VTEC drive is capable of delivering a maximum power of 120 CV reaches vomiting at 6600 rpm and maximum torque of 145 Nm at 4,600 rpm. For the variant, Honda BRV specification items will be divided into three types, namely S (M / T), E (M / T, CVT) and prestige (CVT). The largest variant of Prestige (CVT), which is a variant of the Honda dive special features, such as stabilizers characteristics of the vehicle, Hill start assist, Nano E-Ionizer and Aero Kit.

Honda specification BR-V

safety features
Alert as well as the Honda SUV, the specifications Honda BR-V security also brings the best technology. standard security features, as a belt potenzioner to maintain the security of the rider mounted on a Honda V BR In addition, there is also a Airbag system features dual roomates will provide additional security in the event of sudden impact. In braking, Honda BRV is compatible with anti-lock brake system (ABS) and electronic brake force distribution (EBD). BRV modern features Honda's role is to avoid the wheels are locked in pngeremam suddenly. In addition, EBD technology also allows the pilot to achieve stability in the control of the vehicle. For the following functions, Honda BR-area Brazo V is equipped with full safety features, but it seems that this feature will only in the highest variance Honda BRV, BR-V Prestige. Features offered by Honda vehicles including stabilizers and Hill start assist, which both feature easy operation BR-V and Honda will maintain stability. In addition, there is also a key immobilizer technology is also embedded in this car. Thus, in addition to design and superior performance, specification Honda BRV also have full security features.

By doing so he spoke a brief description of the review and specification of Honda BR-V, it may be useful to the reader.