New Tips On Caring For The Car So That The Car Remains Durable

New Tips On Caring For The Car So That The Car Remains Durable
New Tips On Caring For The Car So That The Car Remains Durable
New Tips On Caring For The Car So That The Car Remains Durable:White car into one of the colors that are more and more in demand. Quality white paint better that make the 1990s the color of the painting is not removed easily even though it has been used for a long time. Therefore, that more and more people are opting for white color to a user's favorite car.

Color white car requires special attention to keep the paint color is not easily bored and still looks attractive. Here are the steps for the care of the car is painted white.
  • We recommend that you use a car wash to clean water that does not contain a lot of salt or iron. When washing a car in a car wash should know the quality of the water to avoid mildew or rust on the car paint. If the car in the rain, mud or dirt stains, wash clean. Do not let the rain or mud, dry by itself because it would be difficult to remove when too long.
  • You should avoid washing the car in direct sunlight, so that when the soap or shampoo used is not attached to the car body and cause spots that spoil the beauty of the paint.
  • You should use soap or shampoo quality car wash so that maximum results. Soap or shampoo is not good quality can cause mildew on the paint surface and be difficult to remove if allowed to accumulate long. Shampoo or soap should prepare yourself if the car wash does not use cleaning fluids that are less qualified.
  • It would be nice again, when washing the car, doing the flushing from the top down. The goal for the soapy water and dirt straight down and do not migrate like to the top or in the crevices of the car body is narrow.
  • Soon you dry the finished car body washed using absorbent cloth so that no residual water clinging to the surface of the paint. If still visible residual water clinging to the car body, pat dry with a soft cloth back.
  • Take special care to paint the car. For example, every six months, clean the mildew on the paint using a special liquid paint remover fungus that remains lustrous surfaces can also use wax.
  • And also avoid parked in a place exposed to direct sunlight. Choose a covered parking area if possible. Use car cover if the car is not used for more than three days to prevent the car from dust.

So he talked about car care tips, it may be useful to you and other readers.