New Reviews Excellence Mercedes Benz GLA-Class

Reviews Excellence Mercedes Benz GLA-Class

Almost never fall into the mind of a premium European brand leaders calculate, which sank in a narrow car buyer's market (niche), such as intersections. But that's what happened today. Just look at the presence of Mercedes-Benz GLA Class, style crossover SUV, but based on the best-selling, A-Class sedan. This is a significant undertaking for Mercedes opportunities in new markets, the prospects for his criticism of the new.

New Reviews Excellence Mercedes Benz GLA-Class
New Reviews Excellence Mercedes Benz GLA-Class

Class A-a sort of "pilot project" for Mercedes to enter this new segment. Platform in their basic model as birth-CLA and GLA-grade class. As CLA-class Mercedes to enter the market segment of small compact sedan motor for the first time, GLA-Class also provides a similar story. This is the first hybrid model of Mercedes-Benz in its view of history. In Indonesia, Mercedes-Benz offers two types of GLA and 200, sports and Urban.

Class Mercedes-Benz GLA born as a product that is completely different from all his brothers in the family tree. Although it is called a compact SUV, Mercedes-Benz GLA Class more worthy to be called a crossover. Class-based sedan, printing taking GLA-Class Mercedes Benz is still too visible domino. However, the Mercedes Benz brand which leads to the Mercedes GLA-class is that it should not be underestimated, along with premium quality assurance occurs, this car should be a good choice.

Mercedes-Benz GLA design class
From its size, GLA looked stronger and bigger that the class A, but the current specification is almost the same length and width, only a few millimeters different. wheels within wheels remains the same. The difference is the height of the car. Crossover Germany has a 1,494 mm high, 59 mm or larger than the A-Class.

Viewed from the front, with a thick skin sport variant according GLA GLA 200 sport we tested. This model has a touch of the elements of the exterior of the AMG. Men SUV side bump hips look behind the details of the company, the aluminum in techo-Carriles, side bumper protector, rear apron, as well as design. On the back it looks like a beam of plate elements with integrated dual exhaust, it confirms the impression of her sport. Velgn models AMG five-spoke 19-inch longer with sporty atmosphere.
Design Mercedes-Benz GLA class

In the engine sector continues to use the same unit that owned the classic 200 and 200, the petrol 1.6 liter 4-cylinder turbo engine-powered 156 HP and a few abundant up to 250 NM, which has been present from 1,250 rpm. This engine is paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission 7G - DCT drives the two front wheels. Based on the class A-making GLA also had characteristics almost identical to the older brother. Auto Start-Stop function motor to consume more fuel-efficient stored, but also present, helping active for Park, who is now with the characteristics stpengguna r on almost all models of Mercedes-Benz.

Safety equipment that fills GLA including six airbags, ABS with EBD + BA + brake system, traction control, stability Electornic program (ESP), cruise control, parking sensors and sensor and automatic wipers. To support the operation, non-slip traction control system and dynamic control of ESP curve to secure the user while driving more aggressively.

Interior, Mercedes Benz GLA Class
The interior is exactly the same as the five-door belongs to a class GLA. Alcantara leather seats with electronic adjustment to the first line with a comfortable embrace, and testing of the car interior is evidence that this is actually becoming the premium segment. Distinctive elements derived from the use of the AMG sports leather wheel with red stitching material. The steering wheel is, in my opinion, feels so comfortable grip in all conditions. panoramic roof adds to the positive impression Mobil, but then just stopped.
New Reviews Excellence Mercedes Benz GLA-Class
Yes, more expensive seats Alcantara, as if nothing could erase the impression of "normal" given the material in the dashboard, center console and door frames. The materials used are not expensive, even the air conditioning system is still manual with the play button. It's very unfortunate, considering the price high enough sales for Mercedes-Benz GLA entry level. For comparison, SUV, hatchback and even Japanese brands with the selling price is less than half, are already equipped with this feature, even better.

GLA has a central control button and a multimedia audio system that was near the center console arm. The play button is quite easy to handle because it is in a position where the lever is usually located. But GLA, behind the wheel of the transmission shift lever. It also provides more storage space in many parts of the center console. All commands the play button is used to change various settings that appear on the screen size of 5.8 inches in the middle of the dashboard.

It seems that the second-row seat became a problem for the ABL. For two adults, ABL would not be the first choice for convenience and flexibility. The ceilings are low and the rear hatchback melpengguna I actually cut off the head room in the rear. The effect of using the panoramic roof solutions in the creation of the atmosphere of the most spacious rooms. While in boot, Mercedes offers the goods becomes 421 liters in normal conditions, and can be increased to 836 liters with the rear seats folded flat. Barriers menjdai, with increasing distance to the ground floor of the vehicle, the threshold is higher rod.

Performance Class Mercedes-Benz GLA
Performance presented by 200 GLA we tested is much reduced compared to when we tested the first time earlier this year. The response is very slow acceleration, and sound "tickle" the machine every time you step on the gas pedal to accelerate. It is our expectation that prudence is less than optimal and often use weather proof fuel cars that do not match the manufacturer's recommendations until we call the loan.
Performance Mercedes-Benz GLA class
Performance Mercedes-Benz GLA class
In tests 0-100 kph roomates who repeatedly make us, we can calculate that it can not be faster than 11.3 seconds, despite that we have done in sporty driving mode. Despite the demands of Mercedes-Benz acceleration to 100 km / h can be achieved in 8.8 seconds. At low revolutions, GLA actually hindered his performance as a result of the slow response of the throttle, even when he accelerated in the middle and high speed car give a good answer.

Changes in the use of paddles contributes to present a good performance. In manual mode driving, using the gearshift paddles can change at any time to generate the required energy. On the road to Bandung, which is dominated by the upward trajectory, caused by the lack of response GLA200 slow acceleration, can be accomplished through the selection of a lower speed.

slow response of the engine makes it less than optimal conduction GLA at low revs. This makes movement of the cabin seems to be stuck and not in line with expectations when, for example, after the red light turns green. Nonetheless, in a matter of driving comfort, we still have a thumb Lackey. The user needs to do is to try to accelerate slowly and delicate, GLA can easily follow gateway. Cars drive in the pair with a smooth transfer and transmission issues conducted at speeds higher efficiency and comfort.

During the test, 200 sports suspension GLA find it difficult to cross the road bumps or potholes. It seems reasonably related to the use of low profile tires. When is quick maneuverability, comfort suspension kept walking swing effects, although not too much. High speed, the car gave confidence thanks to using a tire tread width, while at low speeds, the steering is light enough, not too difficult, when you park. Forward visibility is quite wide, but in retrospect a very reduced form of the roof and fell behind a small glass.

In the crossover class, continues to present GLA driving first quality products as another warning Germany. Nevertheless, when it comes to driving the smooth, compact SUV wary of Japanese manufacturers, Honda CR-V still provide advantages over diet. But about noise attenuation, GLA can cope well. Thanks to the width of the tire tracks and the support of the braking system and ABS + EBD braking assistance, can not be denied if the GLA braking performance to ensure security. It highlights, from a speed of 80 kilometers per hour and completely silently, GLA stopped in 24.7 meters and 2.2 seconds of time.

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