New Car Reviews Excellence Mercedes-Benz A-Class

New Car Reviews Excellence Mercedes-Benz A-Class

With the new generation A-class, Mercedes-Benz unites sportiness and conflict of interest in greater comfort: with a certain dynamic. 220 now has an output of slightly higher 130 kW (177 HP), an increase of 5 kW (7 HP), while for the 250 250 sports 4Matic sports model and now develops 160 kW (218 HP), above 155 kW (211 HP) previously generated , Agile four-cylinder, turbocharged engine from Mercedes 45 AMG 4MATIC combines strength with a figure higher efficiency: output of 191 HP per liter mark a record for the series production of four-cylinder engines. In combination with the dual clutch transmission 7G - DCT, A-Class now has a "Launch aid" for faster acceleration from a standstill.

Configuration of individual cars.

Choose a specific topic dynamically enables a wide range of choice in combination with the new suspension with adaptive damping (optional). In this case, the driver is able to change the damping characteristics of the vehicle using a dynamic selector.
 Individual car setup

You can choose between the comfort of the damping characteristics and a more comfortable and sporty sport damper link configuration mode. Acceleration sensors are used to measure the movement of the vehicle's body, as well as other information about the current status of the vehicle, such as the degree of steering angle, yaw speed and direction, which are included in the calculation of the damping characteristics.

Quality interior new generation of Mercedes-Benz class.
Electronically operated proportional valve in each buffer to control the flow of oil and therefore the damping characteristics. Infinitely variable damping system and the settings individually for each wheel.

The most powerful model compact.

After the new design, the Mercedes 45 AMG 4MATIC opens a new dimension in vehicle dynamics. With a maximum power of 381 HP and a maximum torque of 475 Nm, Mercedes-AMG is the entry level model is a more powerful performance compact model in the world.
 The most powerful compact model.

Transmission links is checked, tuning aerodynamics and a new mode select driving dynamics enhance the overall performance of a higher level, which underlines the claim of leadership in this market segment. AMG engine specialists get especially for this increase is the power with a series of valves you just configured. At the same time, fuel consumption remains the previous level: there is no other model of high performance in this category may correspond to a minimum NEDC fuel consumption of 6.9? liters per 100 kilometers (corresponding to 162 g / km CO2).
Striking and dynamic.Sharp lines, curved surfaces and dynamic coupé - like lines marked on the outside of class A, follows the design philosophy of sensual clarity. The new front bumper is more arrows and take the lead of A-Class vehicle concept concept (2011). As a result, the radiator grille is even more prominent standing in the light. All Class A vehicles are now equipped with a single-port grille as part of the updated models.
Striking, dynamic
In the past, this is specially reserved for the more sporty models. The new design is integrated into the bumper to the grill of diamond, the new high performance LED lamps and tail lamps with the exhaust pipe, a new generation emphasizes sportsmanship and dynamism of a compact class series with success. However, a variety of equipment for the class A has wisely expanded in many areas.

Proportion of sports.
When it comes to design muscle Mercedes 45 AMG 4MATIC a new, motor sports influence is immediately evident. This new feature includes impressive dynamic design style class. Apron-front in the design of a new wing compact proportions give more sporty emphasis.
Sporty proportions
New Car Reviews Excellence Mercedes-Benz A-Class

45 4MATIC Mercedes-AMG is equipped with the mode of dynamic election driving "Comforter", "Sports", "sport +" and "individual", which I am known from sports car Mercedes-AMG GT and model of top-line C-Class, the C 63 AMG Mercedes of the series. As an optional feature a new, more dynamic AMG package including front axle mechanical locking differential, sport undercarriage AMG ride control with adaptive damping and dynamic fifth driving mode select "Race".

The special model "edition Motorsport".
With a dramatic design in the style of the successful Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One, special model "edition Motorsport" will be interesting for the race fan in particular. Area lining the front and rear bumpers are painted with green gasoline, and decorate the edges of the same color Alloy wheels AMG edge.
Mercedes-Benz A-Class

In conjunction with the 250 sports and 250 4MATIC, AMG rear aerofoil decorated with green reflections of gasoline, as well as the outside mirrors. Striking details in the interior including gasoline green surrounding air outlets and petrol green color contrasting stitching. Black leather sport seats / dynamics Microfiber has a decorative strip of green gasoline, such as seat belts. "Motorsport Edition" is available for all variants of A-200 or 200 D engine - except for the Mercedes 45 AMG 4MATIC.

High-quality interior.
Dynamic and sporty character continues inside. Box tools that offer tubes with high quality graphic design lines and switches galvanized updated interior quality, as well as large, free standing and display without a frame main unit, which is now available with a larger screen diagonal 20.3 cm (8 inches) on demand.
Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The instrument panel which has a tube design with high quality graphics and galvanized line switches improve the quality of the interior. New colors and materials, as well as the recently completed for a seat on the dashboard, ensuring a fresh environment. New features include leather Sahara beige / black exclusive packages and new design seats with red or green reflections in the line style.

integration of modern smartphone.
The new-generation A-class Mercedes-Benz is the first model of which is available with full integration of smart phones. Apple® CarPlay® Infotainment system (for iPhone® owners) will be available from early 2016. At the same time, new value-generation information and entertainment points with a larger screen, even more intuitive operation and additional functions. The integration of smartphones compatible with Apple® smartphone CarPlay® enables voice and control review of this device, for example. In addition, other vehicle control can also be used. The use of safe and comfortable on the road is always guaranteed.
integration of modern smartphone.
The new-generation A-class is the first Mercedes-Benz models will be available with the integration of smart phones. Starting in 2016 the first comprehensive, smart phone integration will be a standard feature in combination with the COMAND Online and in conjunction with the optional multimedia audio system 20. Mercedes A-Class is connected to connect with the world for that around. Since a maximum of 20 audio, the A-Class is equipped with a communication module. This allows the use of my Mercedes Connect service.

Drive smart: a road safety.
With a variety of driving assistance systems, from the regulation distance assits drowsiness detection system DISTRONIC attention, class A driver is able to provide them full protection and support.
integration of modern smartphone.

The treatment system, which combines data from different sensor technologies as part of the concept of "intelligent drive" and thus significantly improve the safety and comfort, has been the most advanced in part. For example, to help prevent collisions Plus standard expands the capabilities of earlier collision prevention assist (radar proximity warning with adaptive braking and emergency braking support) with autonomous partial braking to reduce the risk of accidents with range. Attention assist drowsiness detection system (standard) has been updated in the same way: operate in various speeds (60-200 km / h), which now uses a five-stage display Bar to display the level of attention of the driver at this time. In addition to the typical appearance, LED lights (optional) high performance offers greater security on the night thanks to its extensive distribution test light and color temperature of light approaching.