New Car Reviews Excellence Ferrari 488 GTB

New Car Reviews Excellence Ferrari 488 GTB

Reviews Excellence Ferrari 488 GTB
Reviews Excellence Ferrari 488 GTB
New Car Excellence Ferrari: Ferrari GTB 488 488 GTB is one of those cars that have excess or excellence, Ferrari GTB 488 has an excellent product design. Since the opening of the first ever mid-engined V8 Berlinetta Ferrari nature, 308 GTB, jingkrak horse opens a new chapter in the history of the eight-cylinder engine. 488 identical names GTB marks the classic Ferrari models with 488 monikers that show the displacement of the engine of the unit, while GTB stands for Gran Turismo Berlinetta nature. New car not only offers unprecedented performance, it also makes extreme energy harnessed and controlled to an unprecedented level, even by the less experienced driver.

A powerful engine and excellent dynamic aerodynamic vehicle control combine with strong strong response from the road car Ferrari to a level close to the track. Electricity (670 hp), engine and vehicle response time (s .08 and .06, respectively) gave 488 GTB character and unmatched driving pleasure guarantee for drivers of all abilities. To achieve this result, Ferrari refers to the experience in F1 and GT racing, where 458 has a professional and has won two categories in the 24 hour edition of Le Mans. This new model also utilizes the knowledge collected by Ferrari engineers over the last decade through a program that makes the 20th track auto end only available to Female Coordinator.
Ferrari GTB Powertrain 488
The new V8 Turbo: a brilliant encapsulation of Ferrari's DNA3902 cc power unit is about the highest performance Prancing horse engines with zero turbo lag and a unique, seductive soundtrack. This gives 670 hp at 8,000 rpm with a specific power of 172 hp / l, a new record for the Ferrari street, maximum torque of 760 Nm in throttle response time only 0.8 seconds at 2000 rpm in third gear and gear seventh. As a result, the GTB 488 sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in 3-second plane and 0-200 km / h in 8.3.

These figures are remarkable performance is the result of a focus on achieving maximum efficiency in all areas. In the case of combustion, this means especially in the form of ports new high robustness combined with direct injection of 200 bar. The new V8 also has an ion measuring system that measures current to control the ignition time and predict adaptive ionization faults as well as multi-language spark functions.
488 aerodynamicist Ferrari GTBRecord efficiency
Aerodynamic solutions derive the Maranello experience online increase aerodynamic load without increasing friction, so the 1.67 efficiency number, a record for a homologated Ferrari road. Aerodynamic load is 50% higher compared to the previous model, although the resistance is reduced. The front of the car is dominated by the central ailer pillar and double Aero inspired F1 that increase the efficiency of the radiator and the generation of downforce.

Ferrari GTB has 488 aerodynamic downstream vortex generator that combines an innovative, specially curved aerodynamic appendages that accelerates the air, thus reducing the pressure. The result is that the bottom "sucked" in the ground and greater downforce but not interesting. This contributes to the generation of total aerodynamic load 325 kg at 250 kilometers per hour.
Large rear diffuser that optimize the fence has a curved extensions of massive amounts of channeled air under the car. It also has a variable geometry wing controlled by the CPU, integrated with other vehicle control systems, which adjust the balance between greater downforce and reduced friction (open flaps). Ferrari's patented ailor has fueled new solutions. Water entering the consumption at the bottom of the screen and exit through the rear bumper. This ensures greater downforce and avoids the need to extend the height of the rear spoiler and thus help maintain a low friction.
Base purge air intakes on the sides of the vehicle divided by a center fin. The flow at the top of the fin, which is used to take the engine air intake and deviated from the tail to reduce obstacles caused by the low pressure wake behind the car. Flap flow down to the cost to cool the intercooler inlet. Mechanical efficiency guaranteed by the oil pump that supplies the oil well in high pressure or low pressure. Roller finger follower reduces the power absorbed by the valve train by 10 percent at low revs by reducing friction. The use of a plane-plane crankshaft architecture ensures maximum compactness, a lower mass and helps to improve the internal dynamics of the engine fluid.
Many components contribute to the incredible response time of this propellant. Turbos in a ball bearing mounted for reduced friction and compressor wheel in TiAl, titanium alloy and low density aluminum, which, thanks to its low inertia, ensuring the maximum speed of the reel-up. In addition, the twin-scroll technology directs the exhaust gases from each cylinder through the separate rollers and increase the efficiency of the maximum power exhaust pulses.
As the rev up, V8 soundtrack volume boost and clarity, in line with increased resources. This is important for sound in the cabin exhaust with new head, pipe of the same length and crankshaft plane-flat. The soundtrack is reinforced by an in-depth study of the harmonics and the tone of voice at different revolutions.

Ferrari GTB 488 Vehicle DynamicsWith performance for a unique driving experienceTo activate the extreme strength of the GTB 488 in pure driving enjoyment regardless of the conditions, Ferrari's dynamic vehicle traction experience has accumulated in the competition and through the car laboratory by different circuits around the world. Subsystems and the development of electronic control mainly focused on the response to the gas pedal and a maximum control of the total response time (0.06 seconds) is comparable with a track car.
The gearbox has a certain relationship to make the most of the torque. Variable torque management provides an increasing amount of torque up through the gears. As a direct consequence of this solution, the Ferrari GTB 488 provides track style gearshift: only 6 minutes to go from one stop on the first to fourth gear in the limiter. Version evolved from Ferrari's side-sliding control system, more precisely, but SSC2 less invasive, analyzing various parameters to improve acceleration stretching from 12 percent (in races and CT position manettino). In addition to simply integrating with F1-Trac car and the E-Diff, which now also controls SSC2 muffler, represent the dynamic behavior of complex maneuvers the car more flat and stable.
Ferrari GTB 488 excellent dynamics is also due in part to the rheological SCM cushioning 3 faster ECU systems to change the magnetic field in the muffler as well as three new sensors in the bodywork. All this results in a feeling of greater control of the body with the best absorption of the blow. The latest evolution of the ESP ABS intervention ensures even more efficient low-adhesion situations.
Extreme race thanks to the new brake system design, 488 GTB stop distance is 9 percent shorter than the previous model. LaFerrari wine, also has a brake caliper that allow optimal cooling in extreme driving. They also have new materials to achieve an optimum operating temperature faster and more durable.
488 Ferrari GTB styleThe exterior design of the Ferrari GTB 488
Designed by 488 center GTB Ferrari style, a very characteristic hip statue that are key to the character. Its large seafood signature with a nod to the original 308 GTB air intake and is divided into two parts by a divider. The front grill was marked by the opening of the two air channels in the two radiators. There is also a double front spoiler that, on examination, looks very much like those of F1 cars. In the middle of two deflector poles joined with air duct towards the lower part of the body. The bell has been pronounced, raise the central part and two lateral channels.

The channel has a dual function makes the car look sportier and with two-hole air ducts in a bumper it has-has been cleverly hidden from view in the front look with clean lines. Dominated by a wing-tail blown and large ventilation system that helps improve the aerodynamics of the car. New tail exhaust has repositioned to accommodate larger height is required for diffuser. In general results emanates a sense of power and performance. A new color, Rosso Corsa Metallizzato, this model was developed to emphasize the sporty character and a unique elegance and exclusivity. Seen closely, it has a surprising depth and sheen that is achieved with a triple layer of formulations where millions of microparticles in the paint.
Interior design for Ferrari GTB 488Ferrari GTB 488 cockpit designed to exude sporty end without sacrificing the comfort of the occupants. This increases the impression of adjustable cab around the needs of the driver: commands are not grouped in the steering wheel was on the cover of which leaning against the satellite pod driver directly. Lighter, more compact new dashboard air vents air intake horizontal air intake equipped with ultra sporty inspired military aircraft.
The result is a marriage of the functional form of the innovative and compact volume. Ferrari reference design features, the separation is clear: just like the dashboard and the tunnel between, multifunction steering wheel, control in the tunnel bridge. With beautiful handmade elegant and sporty and elegant, with a strong emphasis on creating functional spaces.

F1 bridge lengthwise characteristic has become iconic Prancing Horse and, in practical terms, free up a lot of storage space for small items while the main function keys are now in a more ergonomic position. Meticulous attention devoted to the various odds and ends compartment provide generous storage space. The car door panels feature a new Ferrari 488 GTB, a more comfortable ergonomic armrest. The design is very clean and sporty while the buttons are very easy to reach.

It also sets a great experience to go to the chair head restraints again. They are even lighter and offer very high containment while being very comfortable. Ferrari GTB 488 Sport has a new information system designed for easy navigation while maintaining various functions and integrates with the general aesthetics of the betray. For the first time in the Ferrari GTB 488 key, Ferrari itself had inspired the way the V8 engine breather outlet, keyless start feature.