Review Price and Spesifications BMW 1 Series 3-door Informations

Review Price and Spesifications BMW 1 Series 3-door Informations

BMW 1 Series 3-door Collor Blue
BMW 1 Series 3-door Collor Blue
Price and Spesifications BMW 1 Series 3-door Informations : Any variation of the new BMW 1 Series 3 doors is well adjusted to suit your needs, budget and preference, with many opportunities for personalization along the way. For vehicles manufactured from September 2015 which model choose will come with a BMW Business Navigation as standard.
BMW 1 Series 3-door Collor White
BMW 1 Series 3-door Collor White 
The front of the BMW 1 Series 3 doors sporty model new athletic character proves true. Tops, air holes, exterior mirrors and all-black kidney grille bars give the car a wider, more powerful stance. This nuance is continued when viewed from the side, with a 16 or 17-inch alloy wheels (depending on model) in the 'Sport' design and on the back, with chrome finish black chrome and black chrome exhaust bumpers High.

Entering, you first pass in the entry threshold 'BMW Sport', before settling into the sport seat in anthracite, with an unmistakable sporty gray or red highlights. The upholstery is complemented in the perfect frame framing in high gloss black with details in red. In the cabin, they are greeted with exclusive details on the dashboard and sports leather steering wheel with red stitching. Before you start the engine, you know that you are on an exciting journey.

Price and Spesifications BMW 1 Series 3-door Informations

M Performance model is that the BMW 1 Series 3 doors is the absolute best. 3.0 L motor sport I6, sport suspension M (including reduction of 10 mm) and Sport M brake caliper with brake, is very well tuned for an exciting ride. Exclusive 18-inch M-Ferri-gray alloy with Michelin Super Sport Pilot tires will look like much at home on the track as a trail and the aerodynamic M package with special air intakes makes it more unbearable for car lines. Double exhaust finishers and tubes in black chrome, chrome exterior badging and BMW Individual high gloss dye give end touches to the beautiful exterior.
Inside, the waiting cabin, with sports seats with fabric / Alacantra combination, a multifunction steering wheel and shift lever M shortened flagship sports' I am. Elsewhere, an aluminum hexagonal interior with blue or black highlight repeats the dynamic exterior aesthetics and threshold and features of the instrument cluster an exclusive 'M135i' badging. They come in to sit and enjoy the performance.


Strong lines and large input shows the amount of power you want in the BMW 1 Series. Flat, focus lights, which are available as option with full LED technology, point towards the heart of the future, double kidney grilles with chrome ring. The overall impression of a dynamic opens an appetite for the pure driving sensation. At the rear, a large wheel houses and wide track highlighted the contact with the road surface. L-shaped LED taillights that are eye-undisputed and immediately shows that it is typical of BMW that conquered the streets.

LED light design:

Pull the headlight: L-shaped taillights, headlights and fog lights on the BMW 1 series is also available with LED technology. Adaptive LED headlamps with LED technology such as integrated indicator lights rotate under headlamps, high beams as well as daytime running lamps and lamps for safety lighting and optimum road curves. Eight high-power LEDs are provided for the crossover and road function. The LED will light indicators, expanding dynamic looks placed next to the striking features of daytime. The assistant road and adaptive headlights with variable control for driving on urban roads and state roads, as well as providing a significant improvement in safety in night driving light-for safe and relaxed driving, almost like daylight.

Fog lights enhance short-range visibility in fog or rain, increasing safety in night driving. Along with a wide beam angle, they are best known for their light color very similar to daylight-their longevity and low power consumption. At the same time, the LED fog lights below the headlights are round double play the modern, technically sophisticated tone for the front cover already catches the attention of BMW.

Two pilots with L-shaped design features, based on LED technology. They consist of a segment illumination in the body of the car and in the back. Thanks to the function of dynamic brake lights, the driver of a car behind warned by flashing brake lights have to brake hard a vehicle in an emergency situation.


Fresh, modern and easy-that is the impression created by the interior of the BMW 1 Series at first sight. And then confirmed in a second look. The cabin has a typical BMW driver orientation and throughout the interior is characterized by the quality of the design down to the last detail.

The standard features of BMW Professional Radio accompanied with different accents and different chrome bezel in satin black.

Your bag, backpack or large items of luggage, sunglasses, camera and other small objects that are stored in the door and in the center console to accommodate the luggage of 360 liters. Exclusive interior surface provides even more modern look and personal touch provided by the Urban, Sport and M Sport package. No matter what it drives in the BMW 1 Series, one thing is guaranteed: you are never bored, never.

BMW 1 Series 3 doors Sport Hatch is equipped with a standard specification. To know exactly what you have included for this model download please specifications below detailed.