Review Excess New Toyota Innova Diesel and Gasoline

Review Excess New Toyota Innova Diesel and Gasoline

New Toyota Innova Diesel and Gasoline
Kijang Innova MPV It is the car more popular in 2014, with the car's traction rear is able to have excellent performance traction may even super great. Without the power of the motor later in Hantarkan at the rear wheels connected by the linkage and the garden did not loose pull or weight, this is the main greatness possessed by Inova deer either diesel or gasoline.

Innova capacity of seven passengers coupled with a driver. Kijang Innova in conditions of forced when filled nine or ten people seemed to be no problem, because the construction of car foot and spacious cabin of the car is still inadequate.

Machines used by Innova include machines that are already using the new technology Toyota as a gasoline engine using a fuel distribution system is electronically controlled injection plus VVT-i.
Another case of the diesel versions are already using the technology of direct injection common rail of second generation with a chronological performance channeled into the combustion chamber and the turbo charger, so that the performance of the machine can be regulated or controlled by computer / ECU engine control unit). D-4 d is often heard as a type or series of diesel engines used by Innova that involves booths (direct injection, 4 steps) Common Rail Diesel.

The common rail is the second generation of Toyota, which is owned by one of the characteristics of diesel engines memmpunyai second generation of common-rail in the common-rail fuel pressure is very high, so the offer is very controlled. Gasoline engine used Innova has up to 160 MPa pressure, equal to 23 206 pounds per square inch (psi) or often refers to the equivalent of 1600 bar. Innova for diesel engines still use conventional pump or distributor, so that the highest pressure is 700 bar of property.

In addition, the capacity of the injector to work between 150 and 250 bar, including high pressure for diesel engines, so that when the fuel is sprayed into the combustion chamber.

With the State of the solar form molecules that are very thin and mixed with air that is very minimal, if it looks to the naked eye can be the amount of dust that only molecules are whizzing by what appears to be very soft. In general, a Toyota Kijang Innova has the features of the engine is powerful, economical on fuel consumption and more respectful of the environment.