Review Excellence and Specifications Toyota Corolla Altis 2017

Review Excellence and Specifications Toyota Corolla Altis 2017

Toyota Corolla Altis


Review Excellence and Specifications Toyota Corolla Altis 2017: Once I had that review the car's premium sedan Toyota Camry and was followed by pole average class Overview sedan Toyota is a Toyota Vios now is the time I checked out the market segmentation last pillar salon Toyota cars have middle and upper classes, Toyota Corolla Altis no less premium to the Toyota Camry. As you know the Toyota Corolla has the first generation was introduced in 1966 to make. From the first generation have been developed continuously to achieve the perfect sedan form. This only sedan Toyota now has reached the eleventh generation is the latest generation. Neither on this occasion I would like to invite everyone to discuss the specifications and prices of Toyota Corolla Altis in the occasion of this meeting. For more details see the next generation of Toyota Corolla Altis review below already bro and sis!

For information ya bro and sis, Toyota Corolla Altis is a car that generates sales best seller since 1974 and with sales of over 40 million units in 2014 returned. Toyota sedan even claim to be one of the best-selling sedan of all time because of the level of sales so high. Well, to keep the level of sales is so great that manufacturers Toyota pays more attention to the Toyota Corolla Altis is to develop a better costume consumer needs and demands of the times. Sedan of the upper middle class cars are still equipped with 4-cylinder engines from generation to generation, but more and more have developed the ability to bigger and better. Now a new generation will find a wide range of Toyota Corolla Altis changes that do not exist in previous generations. Do sedan that became one of the pillars of the Toyota this so hard? Look at the full review in the following segment.

The exterior design of the Toyota Corolla Altis

From the outside or exterior design specification Toyota Corolla Altis has a more sporty, luxurious and charming in all the mold out. The front display fascia accents that have this type of projector lamps with HID lamps incorporated with design size "T-shape" moderate radiator grille makes Toyota Corolla Altis looked very sporty and charming.

Even with the lights of the city or the type of LED daytime running light (DRL) did this car the most elegant way to cross the road at dusk. And is supported by a front bumper with chrome accents sized lower bumpers and fog lamps that will give the impression of a futuristic Toyota Corolla Altis luxurious and sporty. While the side looks very simple design alloy wheels accent the modern class V will produce an elegant impression. Change the look of the rear fascia Toyota Corolla Altis specification indicates rear combination lamp which produces modern and elegant "interested in seeing" appearance that is parallel to the front screen. Even with chrome accents same row with the lights in the middle of the back of the body makes this car look more luxurious and modern.

The interior design of Toyota Corolla Altis

So for the interior specification Toyota Corolla Altis has an interior theme "Icons dynamism" to deposit 5 passenger capacity will provide luxury, ergonomics and maximum functionality. Starting from inside the cabin has a large size with quality materials in a well that will provide comfort for space and legroom Toyota's Corolla Altis.

Varian class V had the luxury of such a reclining chair that provides easy cleaning and rear sun shade that provides comfort to the sun exposure Toyota Corolla Altis in the cabin. Sedan also has specially developed audio system developed grade V has a touch screen 6.85 "TFT screen, Advanced Audio The system can be connected to the Internet, you can get through the film in DVD and can read audio files in a USB device for generating audio quality pamper the passengers and the conductor during a long trip. " For cooling features, specifications Toyota Corolla Altis is also equipped with automatic panel cooling with automatic class V variant and manual mode by playing in variant G button degree temperatures with full comfort.

Dimensions Toyota Corolla Altis

For Toyota Corolla Altis dimensional specifications robust and suitable for urban size sedan car. It has dimensions of 4.620 x 1776 x 1460 mm will produce precise directional control for urban streets. Even with the weight of only 1250 kg make the car Toyota Corolla Altis rated light enough to produce a responsive performance. Has a tank capacity that can hold 55 liters of fuel are considered sufficient to provide fuel for long distance travel. For suspension system, Toyota Corolla Altis uses MacPherson front and torsion beam rear will produce stable performance and handling. In terms of braking device has dilengkai with ventilated discs in the front wheel and rear wheel drum brakes feels very good to stop or reduce the speed of these cars. On the other hand, the specification Toyota Corolla Altis is also equipped with ABS, EBD braking produce a more optimal and provide full security when it happens dangerous and BA. Using the 16-inch wheels will provide the optimum force to drive this car.

Keep track of the Toyota Corolla Altis

It's time that we change the specification review Toyota Corolla Altis to stimulate the kitchen sector. Using 2ZR-FE engine with 16-valve DOHC engine with dual VVT-i that has a capacity of 1.8-liter engine provides maximum power reaching 151 PS at 6,400 RPM rev the engine with a maximum torque of 19.9 kgm @ 4000 RPM spin machine. The use of manual and 6-speed automatic transmission with well would provide energy for the purpose of acceleration or velocity topspeed. Strength and acceleration high enough to make the Toyota Corolla Altis is considered very suitable for driving in an urban roadway that has the character of stop and go, as well as inter-city roads that require high speed. Toyota Corolla Altis specification system uses fuel supply electronic fuel injection with dual VVT-i that will provide stable suplaian fuel and produce efficient fuel consumption without reducing the performance of this sedan.

Toyota Corolla Altis security features

And the last will review the characteristics that are fixed in this specification Toyota Corolla Altis. The upper middle class sedan is equipped with safety and security features dual SRS airbags that will ensure the safety of drivers and passengers of a concussion from an accident at any time. Then belt with Pretensioner and Force Limiter Toyota Corolla Altis will ensure your body position driver and passenger to not push forward as a strong braking or a crash. Then, the braking characteristics of electronic brake distribution (EBD) ensures the vehicle remains on course to make an emergency braking.

Finally, the brake system anti locked brake system (ABS) and braking assistant Toyota Corolla Altis (BA) will provide optimal braking at the same time, which would prevent the tires get jammed when braking suddenly to avoid an accident. Regarding the characteristics that provide ease of control and enhanced performance engines, Toyota Corolla Altis has specifications VV Dual-IT and smart driving to the wire with ETCS-i, which is able to optimize torque for low and medium speed, speed. There are no gas emissions will be reduced as low as efficient as possible and make it more fuel efficient. It features a Super ECT with control system detection hill in Toyota Corolla Altis will give a computerized control transmission performance to provide comfort for driving in a variety of track conditions. At a time when the gear changes can not be prevented. In the case of derivatives of 3-speed automatic braking path is done through rotating machinery used by a computerized system. Noise reduction which is a prominent feature class will produce a sound that dwell in this Toyota Corolla Altis.

Price Toyota Corolla Altis

According to the segmentation of the middle class salon to make the final price of the car Toyota Corolla Altis at a high price, but still affordable. The information I get from Toyota sedan car in Indonesia are priced from $ 395.3 million for the variant of Corolla Altis 1.8 GM / T and $ 430.8 million for the variant of Corolla Altis 1.8 will / T. In fact, Toyota Corolla Altis price is quite high but still affordable instead. I think that this price is quite comparable to what is offered Toyota Corolla Altis is because it has the comfort, luxury and safety is maximized. Therefore, making this a worthy vehicle for you how tough urban saloon car. On the other hand, it is not necessary to prepare a budget for setenah billion to take home this sedan. It seems that the completeness of the features contained within this Toyota sedan Toyota Corolla Altis is combined with a more affordable price of the car made a similar demand in the market. How Do brothers and sisters in question