News Informations Prices and Specifications BMW 2 Series Coupé

News Informations Prices and Specifications BMW 2 Series Coupé 

BMW 2 Series Coupé
BMW 2 Series Coupé 
News Iformations Prices and Specifications BMW 2 Series Coupé: The new Series 2 Coupe can not get enough: more performance, more sporty, more fascinating. But he was also a master of superlatives when it comes to at least: less consumption and less emissions. Whether in ECO mode, PRO brake power regeneration or automatic start / stop function, coupé knows how to make expert use of BMW Efficient Dynamics measures. And thanks to its aerodynamic design, the BMW Coupé series 2 Cut the numbers are very good in the meantime.
 BMW 2 Series Coupé color white

ECO PRO Mode Help drivers reduce their fuel consumption by up to 20 percent, depending on their driving style, according to a study of BMW's internal fuel consumption. Additional functions, which (with automatic transmission) and ECO PRO route (both with only the professional navigation system), offer more potential savings. The slip function Disconnect the train from the engine drive, causing the vehicle to coast without auxiliary power input. This happens as soon as the driver takes his foot off the gas pedal between speeds of 50 and 160 km / h without braking. Depending on driving conditions and traffic and road, PRO ECO route shows the most efficient route. The on-board computer shows which percent of fuel can be saved using the ECO PRO route.
 BMW 2 Series Coupé color red

Everything in this vehicle oriented in one direction: forward. This is especially true in the future. Oblique kidney grill forward with four contour lines that track the flow of water. Conical shape of the headlamps give the typical face of BMW are completely autonomous.

Strictly, the horizontal trace back amazing arrangements accentuate the width of the BMW 2 Series Coupé. Optical interaction between the rear muffler and the lower rear area for the vehicle to appear lie like that closer to the ground. Especially sporty character of M235i is played by lip aileron in the tailgate. In addition to the optical effect, driving dynamics is affected with reducting speed increase and improve surface pressure.

Double lamps located along the width of the outside of the vehicles focuses on the important thing: the road. Horizontal shape made the future seem more spacious. Their performances are focused and focused.

Different reflected surface light gives the vehicle a fresh dynamic display, reinforced by the three dimensional elements in the optional xenon lights.

Surely you see: the tail light was impressed with the LED light bar wide, L-shaped, red. Monobloc design make it very eye-catching and give a unique effect day or night.


Feisty characteristics: striking the fold line coming behind the front axle, runs on top of the rear wing and emphasizes the sporty-dynamic wedge shape. Combined with muscular wheel 2 proves that BMW Series Coupé is always ready to lead.

Official rear: the L-shaped rear lights with LED light bar and wide horizontal alignment strengthens the impact. Spoiler lip at the rear M235i reduce the increase in high speed.

Encourage unfettered: the contours of the hood lines extended to track the flow of air, while large air holes 2 symbolizes the strength of the BMW Series Coupé makes an impression even when it was still standing.

Eye-catching: a sharp light flows into the three-dimensional kidney grille. With a body that is very shiny, forward-tilted blades create realistic depth kidneys. Chrome frame renal enhance this effect and lends the vehicle an impressive appearance.

Colour world: Ferric Grey exterior mirrors on one external characteristic of the M235i. Color accents are also on the bar at the air hole located on the side and an impressive 18-inch wheels. Effect: stiriking sporty.

 BMW 2 Series Coupé interior

Suitability for the yo: when you sit behind the wheel of the BMW 2 Series Coupé entered the spotlight. This is because the entire cabin is oriented towards the driver.

Asymmetric center console had leaned towards it, independent Control screen its optimal line of sight and all important functions are always under control. Frameless window like coupé does not interfere with the vision. Interestingly, the superimposed surfaces and dynamic lines bring a sporty exterior to the interior. And of course, all this is achieved by the perfect execution and by the use of high quality materials.

The M235i xDrive starting from: $48,750