New Reviews Excellence Toyota Alphard

New Reviews Excellence Toyota Alphard

Toyota Alphard
Toyota Alphard
New Reviews Excellence Toyota Alphard: Continuing with the success of Toyota Alphard's already-present relay in the market as market leader in luxury Van, Toyota duo finally launched the Toyota Alphard and last Vellfire in Indonesia shortly after its release in Japan. But, this time makes Toyota Vellfire 'variant has a slightly different from the outside Alphard.

Variant would be to make first impressions comments consist of Toyota Alphard V6 2.5 executive saloon price 1.53 trillion rupees and Toyota Vellfire equivalent of Toyota Alphard G 2.5 with the integrity of it, only for Toyota Alphard G, we get the interior beige, while Using the black as Alphard Vellfire Executive Lounge. Before you begin, please understand, the image quality due to the light conditions at the launch site was not conducive to getting good results photos.


It will surely be controversial to anyone who saw the latest form of Toyota Alphard, some as the future looks is a more futuristic style and an impressive transforming robot, on the one hand some will surely say that this last ugly Alphard model, unfortunately according to my tastes, I do not like the look of the Alphard. Fortunately Toyota gives the black of this display unit, which is still quite strange butt line pull decreases.

For users who do not like the look of the latest Alphard, Toyota also presents that the latest Toyota Vellfire looks better, I think this model is surely more acceptable in all walks of life. I prefer a simpler grille model, lamps with two levels of design and conical bumper model is easier to digest. In addition to the front of the car which is different from the actual part of this car there are almost no differences. Even the same large Velgnya for the size of the R18 features two colors that look modern. Like the previous edition, Toyota Alphard Black, of course, the car is equipped with a Toyo rims brand profile thin enough for a car imported from Japan.

Like the front, Toyota Alphard and Vellfire latest has lots of chrome accents, ranging from chrome door handles, chrome frame and glass is very thick accent gives the impression you want to see. An interesting thing in addition to Toyota maintains the line that b-pillar of the latest generation of Corolla, Corolla is now bringing the range of floating roof designs of the C pillar back in the latter Alphard.

See the design behind it, again, the design is not that my taste though looks more modern headlights with LED strip accent. Its shape is a bit strange because besides going like a bird's wings to fly. Above the mounting plates we will also find that great chrome accents here, perhaps with a Toyota not a luxury if you do not use chrome. For Toyota Vellfire, this car is following in the footsteps of its predecessor using the clear clear rear light models of the lens that turns red when the lamp is turned on and apply the brakes. Good orange glowing lights that sein though the glass is clearly visible. Things I like in this car, Toyota still hide behind the wing wings of the rear wiper so it looks modern.

Although, according to the taste of my interesting exterior, if we talk about the interior, personally I really liked the interior of the Alphard last made better and modern course. Because the car is a luxury car Toyota Corolla Van we do not really need to worry about the first row of seats, we only discuss the second row of this car. In the second line of Toyota Alphard and Vellfire, we will provide lightweight lighting with the projection of the word "Alphard" Toyota Alphard and "Vellfire" in Toyota Vellfire (and iyalah), but due to the less space, Paper is not so visible.

In the interior type, of course Toyota offers handrails for Toyota Alphard and Vellfire, but no improvement is quite interesting, because the handrails on the sides and the back seat of the car is now covered with skin that is very comfortable to the touch. Another good thing that facilitates entry into the cab of the most recent corolla is on its ground is now 10 millimeters lower making it easier for the elderly in or out of the car. Good job!

The first time I tried to sit in Toyota Vellfire seats, which has the same price as the Toyota Alphard G 2.5, somehow when sitting in the chair this last Alphard I do not feel sitting in a Toyota Alphard Facelift 2013 that has the rest of the Hand and head rest you can choose to the right and left so you do not drop your head to the side while you sleep.

By lying and ottoman, we can fix electrically from the other side, while sliding back and forth enough, we have to use manual methods as well as other cars. The difference compared to the previous Alphard alike have the rest of the hand width debris in the aisle between the row second seat right and left back to the back which feels more roomy than the previous model.
Another interesting thing again when I sat in this car there when ng ceiling mempengguna that has lighting lights with 16 color options, the previous model also have already, but can not change the colors as the current model. Other additional features on the roof of the cars also get Nano-e air purifier on the left.
Toyota is usually quite unique considering the use of Plasmacluster compared to Nano-e. But there is one thing to do not like this car, on the roof of the car you will find that the roof of a 10 inch monitor has been designed as a slightly cheesy product after the market, especially when I turned on the lights the natural feel Luxury, cars are very harmful to the yellow that has been equipped with full LED lights on the Interior Monitor. As for variants of a more expensive 50% G executive from Alphard and Vellfire, get more seats, larger and more comfortable. This chair comes with a masseuse, temperature control and almost all electrical parameters in the rest of the right.
Users will also have a small table that can be presented and removed through the car fixed back, a small table is very useful for people who like to eat in the car or read a book. Users also get a monitor ceiling with Blue Ray player and mirrored screen of smartphone users through the Miracast application. We also get the 17 speaker JBL audio system in this variant of the executive lounge.
The only downside of the middle bench Toyota Alphard Q 3.5 is my opinion there is access to the rear seats is quite difficult, because the seats are wider, it is almost impossible to enter the third row down the aisle so we have the folding middle seats Forward to access the rear row seat is human, unfortunately no labor required because this chair is very heavy and electricity are found very slowly for it to take quite some time.
Same as the previous model of the Toyota Alphard, car dashboard design is very stylish, especially in the center group, I found that a design jump is much better than the previous model. The buttons on the car but neat and modern head units are also getting better, higher quality workmanship, material is also very good, and really like the new dashboard I have leather accents and stitching. In a variant of the highest 3.5 Q, we also have electric parking brake, heated seats, heated steering wheel and speedometer with a more complete instrument panel.
Toyota gives all round view of the Parking Monitor and user is that the higher 3.5 variant will not get it. There really is a lot to explore from the latest interior Toyota Alphard, but considering this is a luxury car that is very feature rich, it can be very long and endless if we argue over.
Toyota Alphard has the same engine with Toyota Camry 2,500 cc powerful 180 Ps, only Toyota Alphard and CVT Vellfire transmission now have to improve fuel efficiency. For the 3.5 Q variant executive lounge, will be equipped with V6 engine 276 PS and 6-speed automatic transmission.

No need to talk about performance and handling as it is a luxury passenger van that give priority to half, because if the speeding driver brings Alphard belongs to the boss, be taken care of the next day. If the user wants to bring his own car, looking for better luxury sedan, seganteng face any user, if driving a Toyota Corolla will definitely badly chauffeur. Thanks for visiting the blog I hope my explanation is helpful to readers.