Information About The Advantages and Specifications of Cars F12 Berlinetta

Information About The Advantages and Specifications of Cars F12 Berlinetta

F12 Berlinetta
F12 Berlinetta
Maximum power is from 740CV to 118CV specific output per liter and 690 Nm of torque. 80 percent of the torque the faucet from 2,500 rpm, giving a big right acceleration the way up to red line 8700 rpm. Like the engine of a Ferrari F1 V12, it offers a very low level of inertia to ensure that the engine revs quickly. Concentrated in the development of a number of areas, including the compression ratio has increased to 13.5: 1.

The completely redesigned lower crankcase to help reduce the center of gravity of the car (the engine finds 30 mm lower and the rear chassis compared to the 599 GTB Fiorano). V12 from the power to the rear wheels through the dual clutch F1 transmission that gives you the gears of change immediately. Internal friction losses have been reduced to a minimum and innovative technologies have been used (such as multiple spark ignition function which implements three consecutive sprinkling different intensity and duration) to reduce fuel consumption by up to 30 percent compared to The 599 GTB Fiorano depsite an increase in horsepower and torque.

F12 Berlinetta Color White
F12 Berlinetta Color White
crash resistance (pole impacts and roof lateral roll-over) in compliance with the legislative requirements of the future and particular attention is taken during the design phase to improve the quality of the car, and minimize repair time and thus the cost to the client. This is to reduce the overall weight, lower and move the center of gravity rearwards in the chassis, and reduce the frontal area of ​​the car and increase passenger and luggage space than the previous V12 coupé to ensure maximum comfort on long trips. To achieve these objectives, the engineers lowered the engine, dashboard and seats.

Furthermore, the rear of the car is now more compact, thanks to the repositioning and reduction in size of the fuel tank (allowed in part by more efficient engines that provide the same range as before) and a transaxle layout is only allowed by rear multi-link suspension and transmission F1 dual- differential clutch with integrated electronics. Instead of the traditional separate boot, features F12berlinetta rear screen combine generous tail-gate that contribute both to the compactness of design and generous luggage space and accessibility, while ensuring the maximum structural rigidity.

The result is that the F12berlinetta is the most aerodynamic car that is efficient overall in the range Ferrari ever, a fact evidenced by a figure of 1.12 (two-fold from 599 GTB Fiorano). Downforce has been boosted by 76% (123 kg at 200 km / h) while drag has been significantly reduced as well (just Cd 0.299). exceptional aerodynamic efficiency which F12berlinetta is the car of a series of innovative features. The first is the Aero Bridge, an innovative solution that uses a tent in the creation of downforce for the first time. Water passing through the top of the car towed to a special air intakes on the rear wing, changing the pressure in the wheel wells, before exiting through the back of the Blown Diffuser.
F12 Berlinetta Color Yellow
F12 Berlinetta Color Yellow
Flat car underbody has also grown significantly. Separator to separate now, in fact, Front bumper and produces downforce while simultaneously handle the rear exhaust air flow, improve efficiency. Generous rear diffuser and four Billboard that contribute to a significant increase in downforce as well. Guide vanes which channel the air brake system is open only under certain conditions, such as, for example, if the temperature is high enough for the operation of the brake. However, when he tried to integrate fluid dynamics and thermal management, ventilation openings amid a campaign to improve the efficiency of the cooling system and also helps to reduce the impact of air to the windscreen at high speeds, making the switch a natural air cushion.

In addition to pure performance numbers, but also is very fluid and intuitive to drive, thanks to the unique handling that inspires confidence at all speeds, not just at the end of the track. This was achieved largely thanks to the development work being done in the design that has helped the car took a huge leap forward in terms of agility and responsiveness, even at a slower pace, more in line with the characteristics of the middle of the back - until now. Moreover, all subsystems and integrated car developed specifically to achieve this goal without compromising the high standards of comfort occupants.

The latter includes springs and shock absorbers, wheels and tires, yaw control system, as the E-Diff, traction control (F1-Trac), stability control (ESC) and the extras, such as braking system ABS / EBD, working in coordination to transfer torque more intelligent and efficient way to maximize the performance available.

Carbono-ceramica (CCM3) braking system offers new benefits of the latest developments, including a mixture of new materials for optimal cushioning and rear derived from Ferrari's F1 experience, together with the active brake cooling system cooling. Combined, this improvement eliminates fading and provide good stopping distance (131 m to 200 km / h, an impressive increase of 7 meters 599 GTB Fiorano). Magnetorheological new shock SCM-E is a twin solenoid and a new ECU software updates are also used. This system uses the fluid viscosity is modified by an electronically controlled magnetic field generated inside the pillow.
 This, in turn, translates into faster response times and more accurate punches controls that improve the performance and driving comfort. Reference outstanding performance belonged March involvement driver braked, the faster turn-in, records greater speed and lateral acceleration through curves. Requie cars input address is less back wheel on the curve, there are better traction accelerating out of a curve and the braking distance is drastically reduced as well.

Strong design features that logical, ergonomic arrangement of various functions in the cockpit: light and important architectural embrace and enhance the human machine interface, which puts all the main controls on the steering wheel, and exhibits all the key information in Binnacle main straight. F1 paddle more ergonomically efficient and the fact that the driver can reach all the controls with a strong hand on the steering wheel rim ensures maximum performance in driving conditions.

Bridge means that incorporate switch F1 gearbox and alert, and is one of the signature elements of the cabin. Below is space padded Alcantara rest of storage and there is also a cup holder. Tunnel console is equipped with a longitudinally adjustable armrests articulated on the side for easy access to the storage compartment underneath where there is also a USB port so easy.

F12berlinetta door panel has a soft line and another dynamic that is designed around a logical layout key features: Armrest, handle, tweeter, speaker, pocket airbags and leather. The middle part of the trim panel allows customization of various finishing and materials. Options include RIM aluminum line designed to underline the characteristics of the panel.

F12berlinetta race car manettino puts emphasis on sporty driving in the high adhesion surface, offering plenty of space for the driver to adjust the settings of the electronic control system. On the dashboard, the satellite control pod suitable for the corresponding TFT screen that displays information and entertainment. Also used to control navigation by satellite, stereo audio over Bluetooth transmission, the song that is activated by sound, artist, album and title song selection, it also allows you to use your Smartphone to connect to the Internet to listen to radio on the web, podcast, and download application.

The main goal with the F12berlinetta chair is to reduce the volume as much as possible to ensure the free movement of occupants in the cabin, while at the same time, ensuring that they are very comfortable and respect the geometry of lateral containment. Headrests are fully integrated in the rear, giving the chair a very modern inspiration, song ringtones. When activated in OFF race, and human CT-STO mode, it makes driving more complicated and more secure to keep the driver informed about the condition of the car at any time.

Behind the cockpit is equipped with rear seat fabric with leather straps to hold the bag Baggage firmly in place. Generous space occupants - comfortable seats for individuals of up to 1.95 m (6'4 '') -as boot (320 liters), the luggage space can be increased to 500 liters by a reduction of the rear seats, so Ideal for travel F12berlinetta again in the company of passengers.

Exterior features:
F12berlinetta design sets the perfect balance between maximum aerodynamic efficiency and elegant proportions typical of Ferrari V12 engine front. Designers and engineers work together to sculpt the surface so that it perfectly combines many innovative aerodynamic car with "reduction" rather than having it complete with different attachments.
F12 Berlinetta Color Red

The results of this cooperation is an innovative system of air currents that make the car truly original and unique, true marriage of technology and aesthetics, is an important requirement for all Prancing Horse riding that form and function are inextricably linked.

F12berlinetta car that does not altitude, elegant coupé lines side-by-side curvature of the line and the powerful sculpture immersion hood air flow channels. Two channels aerodynamics Cars, created by the decline in the volume between the wings and the center of the campaign extrusion, bridges in the area between the front wheelarch and down a pole, before flowing into the spoon on the side, lift and lighten the volume of the car. The front of the car is dominated by the impressive Grill draws air into the engine Bay to cool the V12.

On both sides of the tab guides that help cool the electronic controlled brake. This is a genuine solution of active aerodynamics, because they cut drag when they are closed and when they are open ensures optimum cooling of the brakes. Rear F12berlinetta is characterized by modern functional reinterpretation of the Kamm tail perfectly integrate the two vertical fences rear diffuser. Which resulted in the original form t also incorporates two full-LED circular tail lamps and rear fog lamps clearly inspired by F1.
Interior features:The volume has been reduced to a minimum to improve sportsmanship and efficiency. The interior has been optimized to give a sporty riding position and ensure maximum comfort. The perfect balance has been achieved between technologically advanced and sophisticated, beautifully executed hand detailing, intrinsic DNA Ferrari.
F12 Berlinetta Color White

The design features a powerful, however, is a logical and ergonomic design of different functions in the cabin: the arms of important architectural and improvement of human interface engine that enables the driver to reach all controls without removing your hands from the steering wheel and display information requiring immediate future ,

Lightweight and functional tunnel console. Bridge in downtown combines switch F1 gearbox and Alert, which is one of the signature elements of the cabin. The main purpose of the car seat F12berlinetta which reduce noise as much as possible to ensure the free movement of occupants in the cabin while, at the same time, make sure they are comfortable and respected the containment geometry. Car headrest is integrated in the rear, giving the chair a very modern, stylish feel the song. Rear cockpit car is equipped with rear seat fabric with leather straps to hold the bag Baggage firmly in place