Excellence BMW Series 2 Convertible reviewing 2017

Excellence BMW Series 2 Convertible reviewing 2017

BMW 2 Series Convertible
BMW Series 2 Convertible
Excellence BMW 2 Series Convertible Review 2017: BMW 2 Series Convertible is a compact executive car produced by BMW. 2-series has a variety of different body styles. Series 2 is available as a coupé compact that replaces the 1 series Coupe or as a convertible model that replaces the BMW 1 Series Convertible in the lineup. There is also a new compact MPV body style, which is known as the BMW Active Tourer.

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer mechanical Convertible is not associated with the Coupe and convertible models. While you share the name of the series 2, it is based on a front-wheel drive platform, which is completely different that it shares with the 3rd generation of the MINI Cooper UKL1 dubbed. BMW 2 Series is now competing with new models of Audi and Mercedes-Benz, A3 Sedan and grade CLA, respectively, to the front-wheel drive BMW launched its own / all-wheel drive compact sedan.

The contours are dynamic, hat tip to the front and the light cone directly into the kidney grille, part of BMW Series 2 cabriolet car has concentrated "body language". Focus? Way, of course. In profile, the shoulder line parallel to the ground plane which gives the vehicle a compound.

Together with long wheelbase, overhang and a variety of short track, highlights, extrovert nature nimble vehicle. Roll-over bar stays visible. They appear only in an emergency - in a split second.

The typical BMW L-shaped lamps make a clear statement, even when viewed from a distance, so BMW2 series Convertible car looks wider and more muscular. When they studied closely, Chrome twin exhaust pipes and low center of gravity immediately catch the eye. And when the softtop is open, users can enjoy an unobstructed view up to the windshield. In brief: driving pleasure - that use this form to view it.

BMW2 series Cabrio car interior impresses with a harmonious sense of space. All operating elements oriented toward the driver, and exclusive features like chrome coating exudes quality and feel. Surface and edge combine perfectly together, increase a sense of light and fluidity in the interior. When viewed with an open softtop, cover and side door fittings and indoor stored softtop to create the impression of a boat cover. Particular appeal is the design of multilayer materials and color combinations were amazing. The result is a modern convertible feeling, combined with the optional sport seats to ensure pure driving feel. The experience is rounded off by the rear speakers, perfectly integrated in the side panel. Class one vote. Maximum driving pleasure. And all the freedom of the wind.

Put it all in a good light: double complement lighthouse stands as a beacon - not only because the bright white LED technology, but also because of the quality of detail, such as chrome buttons slightly changed. One new feature that shape that narrows towards the kidney grille, give the series CARS Convertible BMW2 interesting "body language". With the option of Xenon, three-dimensional elements in the lamp tube amplifies this effect.
When the car BMW2 series convertible viewed from the rear, the lights immediately catch the eye, with a unique design that reflects the style character of the vehicle. Even in the dark, the light bar is clearly divided to ensure that the design maintains a presence - and luminous, thanks to the L-form distinctive, instantly recognizable as a BMW, even spacing.
Adaptive lights.

Thanks to their sophisticated adaptive capacity, adaptive light with variable distribution of city and highway, including curves and adjustable Bi-Xenon lights, lamps ensure optimum road illumination. The driver can remotely view at the next corner as soon as you turn the wheel, especially driving at night. To increase the visibility of the short distance, the light curve is automatically activated as soon as it is activated indicators or turns the wheel - even when the vehicle is stationary. Adaptive headlights ensure optimum road illumination in all driving situations, significantly improve security enabled.

Roll-over protection system and fully integrated attract hidden effectively increase the passive safety of vehicles. Vehicles should never be canceled, roll bars, which will then automatically renew, protect passenger vehicles in relation to the reinforced windscreen frame. Roll-over sensor system is specifically caused two roll bars, which is flush-Mount behind the rear headrests, to expand in seconds and take place by form-fitting. They also trigger the belt tensioners via the airbag control unit, offers the security of passengers state-of-the-art. How completely hidden where the roll-over protection module that has been integrated into the vehicle to ensure that the dynamic elegant design cars are not unduly influenced by elements of unaesthetic.

Enjoy optimal power steering support in every driving situation with Servotronic. It adjusts the power steering according to speed and provide direct and precise steering response at high speeds. It also ensures maximum comfort by minimizing the physical effort required for steering and maximize agility when parking, maneuvering or navigating narrow or twisting roads. The control unit uses an electronic speed measurements to determine the power steering support is required for each driving situation. Power steering can be adjusted finely, and lots more precisely tailored to the particular driving situation conventional power steering unit allows.
That means that at low speeds, just a little effort is required to turn the steering wheel. As speed increases, however, support the wheel decreases continuously to ensure a more direct contact with the road and therefore optimal directional

BMW selective beam make driving at night more comfortable and safer. This provides excellent visibility in the dark without dazzling other drivers. The system detects other road users and selectively exclude them from high-beam light distribution. Various lights 400m ensure early detection of risks and improve directional tracking.
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